• Senior Ad Order Form

    It's amazing how quickly they grow up...

    The Yearbook staff at Everett High School is now accepting orders for senior ads in the 2013 yearbook, so it's time to choose photos and start working on your message of congratulations, pride and love.


    The senior ad is a lasting expression of these emotions and memories of your senior that may be preserved in his/her last high school yearbook. Using your own photos, you may create a personal greeting which he or she will see every time the book is opened.


    What has the beginning of your student's final year of high school brought to mind?

    • Pride in his or her academic and extracurricular achievements?
    • The memory of the first day of school when your child scampered off to class without looking back—and you cried?
    • The hopes you have for what the future holds for him or her?

    Group ads are also available for purchase at the half page and full page size. Consider joining with other parents to create ads that honor your child's involvement in school activities like band or tennis or to commemorate a special group of friends. Perhaps your child is still close with the kids they went to kindergarten with or they have a special bond with their youth group. Don't miss out on this opportunity to show your son or daughter how much you care.


    Sharing your pride is easy:

    1. Decide which size ad and which design you want.

    2. Collect the photos you want to use and compose the message to fit the ad space.

    3. Read all instructions for ad submission.

    4. Complete the Ad Order Form; send it in with payment, photos and your message.



    The deadline for receipt of completed ad materials is TBD. Space is limited and ads will be accepted in the order in which they are received. If space is available after the deadline, ads may be accepted until space is filled.

    The yearbook staff is pleased to offer you this opportunity to honor your student and to support the 2013 Everett High School yearbook.


    Instructions for Ad Submission


    • The words you want to include in your ad are called copy. Please write (print) your copy legibly or you type or print it on a separate sheet and attach it to the order form.
    • We will choose a font/typeface for the copy when we design your ad. We will correct grammar, punctuation and spelling errors unless otherwise instructed.
    • Take into account the size of your ad when writing your message to your student. A large quantity of text in any ad will end up being set in small type which may not be easy to read.
    • When you write your message, please include attribution for any words which are not your own. For example, please cite the author for quotes, poems, etc. or the artist for song lyrics. If you are quoting, please verify the quote for accuracy. Please do not submit copyrighted mate­rial; it cannot be published.




    • Be sure to submit good quality photographs and digital prints. Reprinting a damaged pho­tograph will not improve the quality.


    • Amount of photos depends on your ad size. If you include extra pictures, our staff will decide which one(s) to exclude.


    • If you would like your photos to appear in a particular order, be sure the selected photos fit in the space allotted and then include a diagram of where and how you would like the pic­tures placed in the ad. If your pictures do not fit in the spaces you have chosen, we will switch the pictures to find the best possible fit. We will try to accommodate your photo placement preference.


    Submitting Digital Photos:

    • Digital images must be submitted as a JPG and the recommended DPI resolution is 300+. Images from cell phones, web pages and email do not do well in the yearbook due to their small size and low resolution.


    • The name of the file should be the senior's first initial and last name followed by the photo block number in which you want the picture to appear.. (John Smith picture #1 = jsmith1.jpg). Save the photos to a CD and submit with your order form and check. Or email images to: EHSyearbook2013@gmail.comwith the subject line titled as student's Last Name, First Name- Senior Ad photos.



    Submitting Traditional (Hard-Copy) Photos:

    • Submit in an envelope with your order form and check.


    • We will scan your photograph and reduce or enlarge it using image software.
    • Please do not submit irreplaceable photos.