Are photos required? No. We also run senior ads without photos! It's all up to you and your creativity.

    Will I get my hard-copy photo(s) back? They can be picked up in room A-306 during the spring when we are finished with the yearbook. However, due to the great amount of photos the yearbook staff receives, we highly suggest you DO NOT give original copies of any photo you value; while we will do our best to return photos to you in the spring, we cannot guarantee its return.

    Can I send in scanned or copied photos? Yes, but we prefer to have photos on PHOTO PAPER. Pictures printed out on white paper and then scanned do not reproduce well in the yearbook — they lose resolution and look muddy or blurry. So you can make a copy of your photo at any drugstore or grocery store; or if you scan materials yourself, please use photo paper to print them out!

    Can you crop my photos? Yes, we can. Please indicate what you want in and out of the picture(s). Photo paper works best (see above).

    Can my ad be in color? All ads will appear in color in the 2012-2013 Nesika Yearbook.  

    Other Questions? The yearbook staff is happy to answer your questions and assist with the senior ad process. Please email us at EHSYearbook2013@gmail.com and we will answer your questions or arrange a time to meet in person. 

    What do I write about? It is best to consult past yearbooks. The best advice: write from the heart - they do really appreciate your efforts! If you write out your sentiments, please do so very clearly. In fact, sometimes it is best to type out your ad for us so there is no question on name spelling, etc. Don't forget to sign it (love, mom & dad; Congrats, Uncle Dave, etc.).

    Do I need to design my ad? You may if you like. We have run ads that are parent-designed many times. If not, the yearbook staff will design the ad to best fit the space allotted. We will try to accommodate your wishes the best we can.

    Can I pay later? No. To reserve space in the yearbook, all ads must be paid for in advance. Unpaid ads will not be included.

    Can I see the ad before it is printed? It is difficult for us to do this due to the huge volume of ads we take in, but we will try to accommodate you. We can send a copy via email.

    Can I send in an ad later than the deadline? This is not possible. We need to determine the number of ad pages to include and let our publishing company know. Also, we have deadlines set already for yearbook pages. Late ads cannot be accepted!