•  Personal History
    The experiences that led me to want to become a music teacher started early in my life because I was exposed to music on a daily basis in my home.  Watching the Seattle Symphony perform I concluded that the violin was superior to any other instrument and did not rest until my parents signed me up for lessons.


    I had many violin teachers and conductors who impacted my decision to become a music teacher because of their examples of skilled and passionate teaching. I could see the potential to make a difference in the lives of young people.





    Professional Statement


    My professional goal is to contribute to the growth of the arts in schools and communities as a secondary public school music teacher. I am dedicated to forming or expanding strong public music programs, which I believe is essential for the development of young talent as well as for the benefit of the community at large. I see the potential for music programs to make a difference in the lives of young people because of the influence my teachers had on me. I want my students to have exciting, positive experiences in music so they will continue to study music and have it enrich their lives as it has mine.




    UW students performing Brahms Requiem at St. Mark in Seattle UW students performing in the Yakima Valley
    Auburn Ave Dinner Theatre's 2001 production of
    Silver Bells Carolers