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    Here is the cast list for the festival! Click on the titles to read the scripts!
    There will be more rewrites!
    Rehearsals start on Monday, October 19th.

    “A Wakefield Mystery” by Zach Lewis

    Director: Isabel Jarrett

    SM: Lilly Saunders

    Alexis -  Alyssa Hertzog

    Lily - Madeline Carlson

    Peter - Dash Beatty

    Charles - Nathan Gibson

    James/Matthew - Nicole Loveless

    Newscaster/Ronda - Valerie Wang

    Detective/History Teacher - Jayden Hicks

    *Rehearses on Tuesdays from 3:15 to 4:15

    “My Giant Arachnophobia” by Daniel McMullen

    Director: Lauren Okimoto

    SM: Esther Won

    Hannah - Elizabeth Zavala

    Greg - Taylor Aguiar

    Tobias - Ellie Belcher

    Dave - Daniel McMullen

    Jenny - Mykie Tolliver

    Anchor 1 - Jayden Hicks

    Anchor 2 - Parinita Chittimoju

    *Rehearses on Wednesdays at 3:15 to to 4:15

    “The Heist” by Daniel McMullen

    Director: Angela Thomsen

    SM: Brayden James

    Daisy: Erika Lee

    Arnold: Lauren Boaz

    Nick: Nathan Boober

    Jacob: Alyssa Green

    Casey: Nathaniel Shelton

    Bella: Mia Saunders

    Security Guard: Eshal Tariq

    *Rehearses on Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:15

    “Channel 14 News” by Kim Nguyen

    Director: Grace Basta

    SM: Payton Avery

    Charlie: Michelle Turner

    Ezra: Bianca Moya

    Alex: Sam Bowles

    Willy: Lindsay Nims

    Commercial Actor 1: Emily Hyatt

    Commercial Actor 2: Abigail Kim

    Rehearses on Mondays from 3:15 to 4:15

     Improv Club: Meets every Wednesday from 2:15-4:00 in the Drama Room (B110)
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    Parent/Booster Info:
    We are always looking for help from parents with the shows. Help can range from building sets to donations for student dinners. If interested, please contact Mr. Marshall.
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