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    Next Theatre Society Meeting: Monday, March 2nd, at 2:15 in the commons

    13 Past Midnight Info:


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    2019-2020 Stage Managers:
    Fall Musical: Anne Ransom, Becca Bertrand (ASM)
    Spring Play: Josh Platte, Brayden James (ASM)
    2019-2020 Crew Heads:
    Saint: Jada Rasmussen
    Props: Ella Henrickson
    Hair & Makeup: Priyal Gounder with chosen assistant
    Sound: Ellie Thomsen
    Lights: Michael Sanders
    Publicity: Becca Mitchell
    Costumes: Kira Kuhne
     Improv Club: Meets every Thursday from 2:15-4:00 in the Drama Room (B110)
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    Parent/Booster Info:
    We are always looking for help from parents with the shows. Help can range from building sets to donations for student dinners. If interested, please contact Mr. Marshall.