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    Next Theatre Society Meeting: Monday, May 4th in the Commons


    24 Hour Play Festival Info

    Let's start planning! The event is on Saturday, May 16th

    *Email your application to me (bmarshall@everettsd.org) by Monday, April 13th


    IF you want to write a script, email me a one page outline by Monday, April 27th at 7:00 am. Outlines should have character descriptions and bullet points of what happens.

    Things to keep in mind when writing an outline:

    • You want at least 8 characters.
    • You want a good amount of characters that can be flexible in terms of gender. Everyone who signs up to act gets to act!
    • You get a limited number of light and sound cues. 
    • Shows with lots of transitions are tough and can get bogged down. Keep the show in one or two locations.
    • We want each show to be about 8-12 minutes.
    • You can submit more than one outline, but only one can be chosen.
    • You're writing something for a high school show. Keep it school appropriate!
    • You want to have fun and be creative. But keep your outline concise and clear. If it seems all over the place or too difficult to produce, it probably won't be chosen.


    13 Past Midnight Info:


    Show shirt order form: click here

    Furniture Needs for the show: click here

    Audition Packet: click here

    Crew Form: click here

    Rehearsal Calendar (updated 12/17): click here

    Tech Calendar: click here

    2019-2020 Stage Managers:
    Fall Musical: Anne Ransom, Becca Bertrand (ASM)
    Spring Play: Josh Platte, Brayden James (ASM)
    2019-2020 Crew Heads:
    Saint: Jada Rasmussen
    Props: Ella Henrickson
    Hair & Makeup: Priyal Gounder with chosen assistant
    Sound: Ellie Thomsen
    Lights: Michael Sanders
    Publicity: Becca Mitchell
    Costumes: Kira Kuhne
     Improv Club: Meets every Wednesday from 2:15-4:00 in the Drama Room (B110)
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    Parent/Booster Info:
    We are always looking for help from parents with the shows. Help can range from building sets to donations for student dinners. If interested, please contact Mr. Marshall.