• JHS Français 2 / EvCC Français 122
    Mme Powell


    Bienvenue au cours de JHS français 2 et français 122! Students automatically earn one (1) JHS credit for taking a full year of French 2. Students will also have the option of taking French 2 for (5) college credits through Everett Community College. French 122 is the second quarter of college level French and the precursor to French 3/ French 123 that we also teach here at JHS through EvCC for college credit. It will be $220 again this year for five (5) EvCC credits and registration will open late September or early October.

    Contact Information: spowell@everettsd.org, 425.385.7084 (10:30-10:50), I teach part time in the mornings only: periods 1,2,3.
    Textbook: T’es branché 2 by EMC
    Our textbook and workbook are online this year. If you prefer, you may check out a textbook and workbook from our library that was purchased by the Everett School District.

    Videos: Au revoir les enfants by Louis Malle & Joyeux Noël. Please initial below that you approve of your student viewing these movies. Joyeux Noël is PG-13.

    Student Learning Objectives:

    · Demonstrate listening comprehension skills at the most fundamental level.
    · Demonstrate oral communication skills at the most fundamental level using typical conversational phrases within the theme areas in the textbook.
    · Demonstrate reading and writing skills at the most fundamental level within the range of themes in the textbook.
    · Identify cultural and social behaviors common to French-speaking countries being used in the US and abroad.

    Grading: Grading is done on a point system with points given for the following:

    *Summative: 70% (tests, quizzes, projects, oral interviews)

    *Formative: 30%  (classwork, homework)

    Grades will be assigned as follows:
























    1. Homework will be assigned almost daily, Monday — Thursday and sometimes on Friday. Students also need to review vocabulary and grammar each night in addition to completing homework. You may also choose to work on www.duolingo.com www.ielanguages.com or any of the other websites on my web page under links . If you track your Duolingo progress, you may receive extra credit. You are expected to have your homework finished and ready to correct at the beginning of class. With our new online textbook and online workbook, some of the activities from the online workbook are self correcting!
    2. You are responsible to write your daily homework assignment on your mise en train sheet. Parents, please check this sheet for the daily assignment.


    Test Retakes: You may retake any quiz as many times as you want and receive the highest grade earned. For tests, you may retake a test or a test section once and receive the highest grade earned. 

    Attendance: You are expected to follow the Jackson High School attendance policy. See JHS handbook for details and expectations.


     Tardies: You are tardy if you come in during the first 30 minutes of class. After 30 minutes you have an " absence unexcused late" or “AUL”.

    Make-up work: It is the responsibility of the student to ask for and to complete any missed work due to being absent. This (make-up work) is to be done outside of class. I am available to help you with any questions you may have. See JHS notebook for details and expectations.

    Materials: You will need to bring your notebook, paper, homework, pencils and pens to class every day. You may also want colored pens, markers, scissors and a glue stick. You will need a red pen or pencil.

    Notebook: You will need a notebook for French with the following tabs:1. “mise en train” 2. Devoirs   3. Culture   4. Grammaire

    BEGINNING OF CLASS: Cell Phones: Please see the New Everett School District Cell Phone Policy for specifics. Cell phones are permitted in class for specific purposes. They are to be turned to "silent" mode and in your backpack. You will be invited to take them out when we use them for in class tasks. However, Most Often we will use your device/tablet should we need to use technology in the classroom. When you come into class you should have the following sitting on your student desk: warm-up sheet, homework. You may leave your student textbook at home since we will have access to the text in class.


    Class Participation: What, exactly, does class participation look like?
    * When you enter class, turn on the French part of your brain: greet your classmates in French, set your devoirs on your desk, read the mise en train on the screen, and begin working.
    * Raise your hand quietly, showing me that you are willing to try.
    * Give full eye contact to whoever is speaking.
    * Demonstrate good posture.
    * Sing along, play along, talk with your group in French during group activities.
    * Talk in French, practice conjugating your verbs in French, play a French game, when you have extra time.
    * Speak French from the time you enter our room until you leave our room!

    Strategies that will help the earnest language learner:
    * Listening: Listen actively, not passively. Give the task at hand your full attention.
    * Speaking: Raise your hand! Try! We all make mistakes and we have to make mistakes to learn! Pressure each other into speaking only French and practicing circumlocution!
    * Reading: Don't worry if you don't get every word, focus on understanding the main idea.
    * Writing: Focus. Let it flow. Trust in your knowledge of the French language. Then, go back and edit. Use the Freewriting method to help you get started.
    * When you don't understand something, think about how urgent it is and choose to:
    Take a guess, based on context and what you understand.
    Raise your hand and ask a question.
    Write a question for a neighbor to answer back in writing.
    Write it down to ask later.
    Ask a classmate (if during work time).
    Look in a dictionary.

    Behavior Expectations:
    l. The basic classroom rule is one of common sense: Be courteous, exercise mutual respect, and treat others as you would wish to be treated.

    2. Attend class! Attendance is vitally important. No lesson plan can actually predict or reflect the interaction that takes place during any given class session. Likewise, there is no way that one can truly make up a class: one simply has to be in attendance to get maximum benefit from the class.

    I wish you a fun and enjoyable year at Jackson!
    Amusez-vous bien!

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    *Please return this page only to Mme Powell. Merci!

    I have read and understood the above class expectations as presented on Mme Powell’s website.



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