• Hello! And welcome to AP Seminar.  This is a new AP class developed by College Board, one that is only four years old. Mr. Kukla, Ms. Tanner, Mr. Mellana, Ms. Young and I went to week-long trainings in Spokane and Philadelphia over the last two summers to become certified to teach both this class and the Research class in the second year.

     AP Seminar will be an exciting, student-centered class. Each student will work independently and as a team to choose a topic of interest and create a research question that can be addressed by multiple studies and perspectives.  The researched results will be displayed and published in many different ways: individual and group essays, individual and group presentations, and via various ongoing assessments both for the class and ones that are submitted for scoring through College Board.

    This class is the first of a two year program, as stated above.  The second year is called AP Research and it takes the research skills learned in AP Seminar and builds on them by having students research a topic of interest in much more depth; students then publish their results in various but similar ways as addressed in AP Seminar. This first part of the two-year program reminds me a lot of when I did my year-long thesis for my master's program.  

    I am really excited for these new AP courses and wish I could have taken them when I was a high school student!  The skills students learn will empower them to take on life and prepare for college beyond any class yet taken.  Please contact any one of us if you have any questions.  
    Here is a PowerPoint about the two year program: