• November 2017









    Read Independent Novel! 
    Due: Poetry Response 7, Text read 
    Applying the Psychoanalytic lens
    Due: "A Jury of her Peers" read 
    Applying the Feminist Lens
    Check out Hamlet from Library - Intro to the play
    Critical Lens Essay/Scene project
    Assigning roles
    HW: Pre-read for I.i - I.ii
    Reading Act I.i and I.ii
    Historicist Lens (religion, supersition, politics)
    HW: Invisible Man Chapters 10-12, LD 3 Revision (optional), Pre-read I.iii-I.v
     3  LIF
    Due: Chapters 10-12
    Lit Circle #6 
    Rhetorical Analysis for Hamlet
    HW: Poetry Response 8, pre-read Act II, Rhetorical analysis handout
    Independent Novel! 
    Due: Poetry Response 8, Rhetorical Analysis handout
    Finish Act I
    Reading Act II 
    Marxist Lens Tableaux
    HW: Finish Act II.ii and Analyze the Soliloquy 
    Due: Soliloquy analyzed in journal
    Performing Tableaux
    HW: Preread Act III scenes i and ii, Watch "To be or not to be"
    Due: Act III.i and III.ii
    Question 1 FRQ 
    HW: IM chapter 13, preread Act III.i-ii

    Due: Chapter 13 IM
    Finish Tableau
    Watching Act III.i-ii
    HW: LD#4, Act III.iii-iv
     10 Veteran's Day
    Due: LD #4
    No School!
    HW: Poetry Response 9


    Read Independent Novel

    Due: Poetry Response 9, Act III.iii-iv


    Reading Act III.iii-iv



    Reading Act IV
    Feminst lens
    HW: Read IV.vi-IV.vii
    Due: IV.vi - IV.vii

    Return FRQs - Rewrite rules

    Begin Act V


    Reading Act V (finish play)
    HW: IM chapters 14-16, LD 4 Revision (optional), LD #5
     17 LIF
    Due: IM chapters 14-16, LD#5
    Lit Circle #7
    HW: Poetry Response 10
    Read Independent Novel
    Due: Poetry Response 10 
    Forming Performance Groups - choose scene and lens
    Faerie Queen project
    Faerie Queen project
    HW: IM chapter 17
     22 Half Day
    Due: IM Chapter 17, FRQ rewrite (optional)
    Faerie Queen Project due in class
    HW: Hamlet Review Guide, LD#5 Revision (optional by Friday), Poetry Response 11
    No School!

    No School!
    Read Independent Novel!
    Due: Poetry Response 11, Hamlet Review Guide finished
    Group Performance Project


    Group Performance Project


    HW: Hamlet AP Reviw Guide to Turnitin.com

     29 Guest Teacher
    Due: Hamlet Review Guide to Turnitin.com

    Group Performance Project



    Group Performance Project
    HW: LD #6
    Due: LD #6
    Group Performance Project
    HW: Poetry Response 12, Prepare for MC Hamlet test Monday, All props and materials ready for perfomance by Tuesday