• January 2018










    Reading Invisible Man

     1 New Year's Day

    No School!
    Due: Poetry Response 14, LD 7 and 8 Revisions

    Guest Speaker

    HW: Close Read HoD to page 5, Watch Adiche's TedTalk
    Due: HoD Close reading

    HoD Travel Log set up

    Mood vs Tone

    HW: Read Chinea Achebe's "An Image of Africa"
    Due: "An Image of Africa" read

    Small group discussion/ Class Debate

    HW: Read through page 11 in HoD, LD 9, Ch 23 in IM
     5 LIF
    Due: LD 9, Reading, Ch 23 in IM

    Imagery - small groups detail passages

    HW: Read through page 21 in HoD, Poetry Response 15
    Invisible Man
    Due: HoD Reading, Poetry Response 15
    "The White Man's Burden" by Rudyard Kipling
    "The Black Man's Burden" By HT Johnson
    HW: Finish Part I in HoD
    Due: HoD Part I
    Part I Quiz
    Travel Log -Part I response
    HW: Read to page 37
    HoD Passage Analysis
    HW: Read to page 50 by Friday 
    Due: HoD reading
    HoD FRQ
    HW: LD 9 Revision, LD 10
     12 LIF
    Due: LD 9 Revision, LD 10, HoD Part II finished
    Travel Log Part II response
    Group discussion Part II
    HW:Finish HoD, Journals (with Travel Logs) complete
     15 MLK Day

     No School!
    Due: HoD finished, Journal
    Socratic Seminar Part III - Novel as Social Commentary
    Writing Social Commentary Essay
    Writing Social Commentary Essay
    HW: LD 10 Revision
     19 LIF
    Due: LD 10 Revision
    Writing Social Commentary Essay
    HW: Essay submitted to Turnitin.com by 11:59 Sunday
    Study for Finals
    AP Practice MC Exam
     24 Finals 2 and 6
    AP Practice Exam FRQs
     25 Finals 1 and 5
    AP Practice Exam FRQs
     26 LIF
    Finals 3 and 4
    HW: Invisible Man AP Review Guide by 11:59pm Sunday Night
     28  29
    No School
    Semester 2 Expectations - Poetry Journal, LDs, Independent Reading
    Return FRQs
    Check out Independent Novel
    Begin Poetry Unit
    HW: LD 1
    Due: LD 1
    Poetry Unit