• September 2016








             1 2 3
     4 5 Labor Day
     7 First Day!
    Syllabus/Student survey
    About the Course/Class
    Getting to know you!
    Vocabulary Diagnostic (NFG)
    HW: Syllabus Signed, Bring F451
     9 LIF
    Due: Syllabus signed
    Allusion - Why is it so prominent in F451?
    HW: Bring F451 to class with an allusion from the text
    Groups/Inquiry development
    Socratic Seminar Intro
    HW: Type two level 2 inquiries and one level 3 inquiry, one example of allusion
    Due: Inquiries
    Socratic Seminar F451
    HW: Bring a bound notebook
    Due: Summer reading HW
    Writer's Notebook set up
    Small Groups discuss "The Murderer"
    HW: Bring "The Murderer" with you to class
    In class write on "The Murderer" (NFG)
    HW: Summer Reading Challenge Work
     16 LIF
    Due: Summer HW
    Literary Device Glossary Explanation
    Independent Reading Assignment - Check out books
    HW: Bring Independent Reading book, MugShot (MS) #6
     19 Guest Teacher
    SSR - Begin reading in your Independent book - find a passage and copy it in your journal
    Reading log stamped
    HW: Bring MugShot (MS) #6 (just print it...the link is on last Friday's date) Can't print? Handwrite it.
    Due: MS 6 printed or copied (not completed)
    Vocabulary Explanation - Quiz every Tuesday!
    MugShot sentences 1-2
    Check Out Writer's Inc
    HW: Complete MS sent 3-5
    Due: MS sent 3-5
    SpringBoard online
    Writer's Notebook (WNB)
    HW: Bring F451
    Writing Lit Device Entries
    HW: Print MS Paragraph 8 (or copy it) No need to complete it.
     23 LIF
    Due: MS Paragraph 8 printed or copied
    MS Paragraph and corrections
    HW: Finish MS Corrections, Print MS 10 and complete sent 1-2, Get reading log signed
    30 Minutes of SSR every night!
    Due: MS sent 1-2, MS corrections, Reading Log (one section)
    Vocabulary Study session
    Finish Lit Device from Friday
    HW: Study for Vocab Quiz!
    Vocab Quiz 1
    HW: MS sent 3-5
     Due: MS Sent 3-5
    Diction, Syntax, Imagery, Tone - Analyzing passages
     29 Curriculum Night PPT
    Activity 1.2 in SB
    HW: MS 12, Type LD 1 and bring tomorrow! 
     30 LIF
    Due: MS Paragraph, LD 1
    Turnitin.com explanation
    Peer editing LDs
    HW: Revise LD and submit to Ti.com by Sunday (bring printed hardcopy Monday)MS corrections, MS 14 sent 1-2