• November 2019










     1 Full Day

    American Dream Essay

    American Dream Essay

    HW: Bring Rough Draft
    American Dream Essay Peer Editing
    HW: Finish Essay by Friday
    Begin The Great Gatsby movie
    Great Gatsby movie
    HW: American Dream Essay with Brainstorm Sheet and rubric; Submit to Ti.com by 11:59pm
     8 Full Day
    Due: American Dream essay

    First Chapter Friday
    Finish Great Gatsby movie

     11 Veteran's Day 
    No School
    SAT Prep

    Journal Reflection

    American Marketplace Unit Intro

    News Source Survey


    News source survey

    "The Role of Media in a Democracy"
    QuickWrite - Great Uncertainty

    Hot Take discussion
     15 LIF
    Guest Teacher

    Google Classroom Assignment: "Rise of the Daily Me" and questions

    Riders on the Storm internet article (check Google Classroom)

    HW: Finish article and respond on Google Classroom
    Due: Article Response in Google Classroom

    QuickWrite - Newspaper or Internet? Who ya got?

     20 Guest Teacher

    Academic Vocab

    Google Classroom - Why free press is more important now than ever

    Brain Pop video notes

    Articles discussion - choose a side
     22 LIF
    Guest Teacher 
    First Chapter Friday
    HW: Finish Crash Course video on Google Classroom
    American Marketplace Unit
    American Marketplace Unit
     27 Half Day
     Thankfulness Activity (optional)


     Thanksgiving Break!

    No School!