AP Spanish Summer Homework

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture Students: 

    ¡Felicidades! I am glad you have chosen to continue your study of Spanish at the AP level.  I am also happy to be your Spanish instructor this year and am here to help you through the learning process.   It is my goal to create students who can communicate in Spanish in a spontaneous, fun, and creative way.

    The summer homework is about reading.  Reading is an important part of learning a language.  To strengthen your Spanish reading comprehension and writing skills, you are to:

    1. Read 1 or more of the following interesting articles from the AP Spanish textbook Abriendo Paso-Temas y lecturas:    
      1. Chapter   6 ReadingLa autoestima, Jóvenes parados “hijos pródigos” de vuelta a casa.
      2. Chapter   7 ReadingLas mujeres jóvenes eligen estudios y trabajos estereotipados.
      3. Chapter 16 ReadingLa estructura familiar crea dificultades.
    1. Optional assignments may include reading Spanish books, magazines, and online newspapers.   You may also have some daily contact with Univisión or other Spanish programming on television, such as “Buenos Días América” and “Telenovelas.”   Throughout these television shows, you will see and hear speakers from all the Spanish-speaking countries.  These optional assignments will enhance your Spanish listening and speaking abilities.

    If you have questions, please contact me via email at ithompson@everesttsd.org.    Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you in September.





    Ivette Thompson, B.A.  M.A. Ed.

    Teacher, Spanish 3, 4 and AP Spanish Language and Culture

    Jackson High School