• Welcome to Algebra 2!  On this page I will post important information pertaining to class.  Right now there are two things you can do to get prepared for class:

    1. Read over the syllabus and come prepared to ask any questions regarding it when we go over the syllabus in class. Algebra 2 Syllabus 2017-2018

    2. Go to http://braingenie.ck12.org/ and create an account.  Then add yourself to my Algebra 2 class with the following class code: 4dy1azwf    This is a requirement for any quiz retakes in class effective 2nd semester**


    Directions for the online textbook can be found here.


    Math Video Project Details: (in lieu of taking the final)

    Video Directions

    Video Proposal

    Video Rubric

    Video Storyboard Template


    Unit Circle Template 


    Quiz retake Alternate Assignments- In order to be eligible for a retake using the alternate assignement, you must complete the worksheet showing ALL of your work and self correct. Once you have it completed, you may bring it in to me for verification.  (This means you do not have to complete the Braingenie for the following quiz(zes).)