• ¡Saludos! Greetings! My name is Sr. Vidal and I have the honor and privilege of working with you alongside Sra. Friedenson throughout the first half of the year. I’m a student teacher from Western Washington University getting my Master in Teaching credentials in Spanish, French and English Language Learning. As a student teacher, I hope to grow together on your journey towards the Spanish language and culture. My journey starts in Puerto Rico. I'm a proud son of a Puerto Rican family and as such, Spanish is the language spoken at home from an early age. I moved to the States early in middle school and have since then, lived in different states such as Virginia, Florida and most recently, Washington State. WA is where I've called home for the past few years and where I graduated from high school and college! Go Vikings! Outside of the States, I've had the opportunity to teach kids in southwest France, where I lived for a year. During my year teaching and living abroad, I traveled to España, La Belgique, La France, England and Scotland, Italia, Nederland and the Basque region of France and Spain.

    As an educator, I value our community, the relationships we build and any and all input I receive from you—the learning community. I also value education for equity and social justice, and view World Language classrooms as sites of radical change and revolutionary care. It is because of this work that I'm committed to you, our classroom and your learning!

    In my spare time, I teach Spanish at Whatcom Community College to adult learners, nerd out over movies (both foreign and domestic), pop culture, writing, reading contemporary Latin American literature, hiking, and spending time with my fiancée. I'm also a proud Slytherin.

    I'm excited to collaborate, learn from each other and delve into the Spanish language with you this year! Please feel at liberty to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, stories, and jokes you might have and, ¡Nos vemos en clase!


    Sr. Vidal Vázquez

    email: evazquez@everettsd.org