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    Make sure you buy a Review Book (used is fine!) (see below).  I like AMSCO best, but there aren't a lot of used books. 
    Purchase an AP Review book (Barrons, Princeton, Get a 5, AMSCO, etc.)  Used is OK.  The essay formats are changed for 2018, but the content information is still useful. 
    I. 2018 REQUIRED CHAPTER READING  (3+ hours)
    Ch. 1 - Read the Strayer Ch. 1 Summary and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.  You do NOT need to read the entire chapter from the textbook (10 min).

    Ch. 2 - Read from your textbook or HERE:  (print out as it's easier to read)  FOCUS ON THE Key Concepts for Unit 1 KC to help your reading and focus your attention on the most important elements
    a. Take Cornell notes on pgs. 59-81  (2+ hours)
    b. Read pgs. 81-88 (Mesopotamia/Egypt - (Look at Indus Valley too in the video below) and complete the Theme Chart for 2 Places  (india on the back) (60 min) 
    c. Answer the Big Picture Questions on pg. 90  (10 min)
    d. Read pgs. 91-5 (Indus Valley Civilization) and answer the questions associated with each image.  Hint: they are indented with Red Boxes!  (20 min)
    e. Complete the AP Practice Questions (#1-4) on pgs. 95a-95b (10 min)
    II. 2017 VERY HELPFUL VIDEOS (1 hour)
    Watch and take notes on the following John Green Crash Course videos.  Include general ideas and connections and add to CORNELL NOTES or REGIONAL THEME CHART
    b. Mesopotamia  (add info to regional chart above)  (15 min)
    c. Indus Valley  (add info to regional chart above) (15 min)
    d. Ancient Egypt  (add info to regional chart above) (15 min)
    III. 2017 REQUIRED ESSAY (1 hour)
    a. Using your notes from Ch. 2, write a short (1 page) essay comparing and contrasting TWO different civilizations (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley)  You should include at least 3 similarities or differences with details (2 similarities/1 diff or 2 differences/1 sim) BUT YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE OF EACH
    b.Go the the LEQ Rubric on this new rubric and look at the last page for COMPARISON skills....GRADE YOURSELF USING THE RUBRIC!  
    DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN 50-60 minutes on this...all your details are in your regional chart (above) and notes!!!

    http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/Geography.htm  (Go to level 1 and do COUNTRIES ONLY  of Asia, Europe, Africa, S. America)...
    Fun and interesting game - you should know what REGION countries are in...  Spend an hour or two on this - or get addicted, like I do!
    EXTRA CREDIT (Not required - do ONE) 
    Guns, Germs and Steel Assignment (long Nobel Prize winning book by Jared Diamond - point value on assignment is "off" - also in films on youtube
    Six Glasses Assignment (fun book!) 
    Kaffir Boy Assignment (literature book on South Africa) - do not worry about points
    This is the old summer homework using a different Textbook (Bulliet 2nd ed.).   It is not required but may prove helpful to look at how a different textbook publisher presents the same information

    1. Students should buy a REVIEW BOOK!  

    You can get used books on-line or from past students.  You do NOT need a new review book, but there is a new test and the 2016+ books may have more multiple choice questions that reflect the type of questions on the AP Exam.  I WILL HAVE EXAMPLES ON OUR TESTS, so you don't need new books. 
    Best Example Books: 
    AMSCO Publisher's "World History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination" - RECOMMENDED... but don't buy the used one -   $12.00 on Amsco website  
    Crash Course
    5 Steps to a Five
    All of the above books can be sold to students next year!
    2. Students will be given an AP World History textbook and you DO NOT NEED TO BUY ONE!  

    Six Glasses That Changed the World by Tom Standage (USED copy is fine) - good for the EXTRA CREDIT option and easy to read!
    Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond (USED copy is fine) - good for the EXTRA CREDIT option....there are also youtube films on this
    The Origins of the Modern World by Robert Marks (USED copy is fine) - GREAT for a general understanding
    4.Students should also have a large supply of college-ruled paper, sticky notes, notecards, access to a printer and computer (although I can work with those that don't) and a thumb drive.