• Washington State History is a Non-Credit Graduation Requirement in the State of Washington.  All students who pass Washington State History (WSH) in middle school earn a “MET” status on their high school transcript.  This is an automatic process that takes place in our district when students enter high school.  There are several options available for students who have NOT MET this requirement.  


    Options to MEET the Washington State History Graduation Requirement: 

    • Did you take Washington State History (or History of another STATE or COUNTRY) during Middle School? If so, please contact our JHS Registrar Janet Britt to let her know WHERE and WHEN. 

    • The Washington State History GRADUATION MET course is a FREE, short, online NO-CREDIT course in Canvas. Use the following join code to auto-enroll: https://everettsd.instructure.com/enroll/B94T68, then click on "Enroll in Course" and then "Go to Course." The course will then be added to your JHS Canvas account. Students, please contact me at jlinder@everettsd.org to let me know you've completed the course, or stop by to see me at JHS Room C202.

    • Summer Academy FEE-BASED Online High School Course for .5 Social Studies Elective Credit (Register online in the spring through the Everett Public Schools Summer Academy website

    Please contact me if you believe you (your student) MET the Washington State History requirement.  Thank you!

    Jen Linder
    Graduation Success Coordinator and Success Time Teacher
    Office: 425-385-7049 / Text: 425-312-3830 / Email: jlinder@everettsd.org
    JHS Room C202