• Jackson Dance Overview

    We practice, perform, and fundraise all year long! Our practices are Tuesdays and Fridays, while our fundraisers and performances can occur on weekdays or weekends. Here is a general overview of our events.

    Summer (June-August)


    Dance Camp

    Choreography (Weekends)

    Summer Fundraisers

    Team Building

    Fall (September-November)


    Fall Fundraisers

    Perform at JHS Football Games

    Perform at Homecoming Pep Assembly

    Winter (December-February)


    Winter Fundraisers

    Annual Dance Showcase

    Compete Locally

    Perform at JHS Basketball Games

    Perform at Winter Pep Assembly

    Spring (March-May)


    Spring Fundraisers

    Compete at Districts*

    Compete at the State Championship*

    Perform at Spring Pep Assembly

    Team Banquet (early April)

    Auditions Clinics (April & May)

    Auditions (late May)