• Expectations -How to be Successful in Spanish 3:

    ·        Show respect to everyone and participate with a positive attitude.

    *Listen first. Be honest, courteous, kind, responsible, and positive. Be yourself, and support each other.        

    *During group and partner activities, be a positive leader and team worker.  Take initiative! Help each other.

    *During full class activities, raise your hand quietly & wait to be called on.

    ·        No food or drink in our classroom – except water.  

    ·        Electronic devices must be OFF and out of sight while you are in our classroom. (Unless special permission is granted.) 

    ·        Do your best.                 Ask questions.                Speak Spanish!

    Tips for Phenomenal Participation:

    *When you enter class, turn on the “Spanish part” of your brain: greet your classmates in Spanish & work on your warm-up;

    *Listen to others; Look at the speaker for visual cues and gestures;

    * Raise your hand (quietly) to volunteer;

    *Sing along, play along, and talk with your group in Spanish during group time;

    *Ask questions; Ask for help; and

    * Speak as much Spanish as you can. Errors are an important part of learning. We learn from trying.

    Click here for our Syllabus