Español 1:  Henry M. Jackson High School




    Course: Spanish 1                                                      

    Teacher: Ms. Reiman 

    e-mail:  mreiman@everettsd.org

    Telephone: (425) 385-7111                    Room C 101

    Lunch:     1  

    Planning: 2th period

    Course Description:


    Using the multiple intelligences and following the ACTFL National Standards for Foreign Language Learning of COMMUNICATION, CULTURE, CONNECTIONS, COMPARISONS, COMMUNITIES and JHS EALRS; you will begin to use Spanish to become an active participant in the global community.

    You will learn to communicate in Spanish through listening, speaking, reading, and writing, while broadening your awareness of the world and the Hispanic cultures.


    Essential Student Learning Outcomes:                                                                                                        

    JHS EALR   1.  The student communicates in a second language. 

    JHS ELO 1.1    The student communicates through basic words and expressions.

    JHS ELO 1.2    The student becomes aware of and sensitive to the culture.

    JHS ELO 1.3    The student’s communication is facilitated through familiarity with grammatical and linguistic rules and forms.

    JHS ELO 1.4   Using the knowledge learned, the student will be able to perform day to day functions at                a novice level.

    JHS EALR 2.  The Student develops life skills relevant to community building in the second language. 

    JHS ELO 2.1 The student becomes acquainted with the local ethnic (target language) community.

    JHS ELO 2.2 The student becomes acquainted with the global community.

    JHS ELO 2.3 The student uses applicable community building life skills and functions.

    JHS ELO 2.4 The student becomes familiar with life-skills necessary to become a successful life-long learner.

    JHS ELO 2.5 The student expands knowledge of different customs, cultures and communities through a variety of sources including utilization of appropriate technologies.

    JHS EALR 3. The Student makes connections in the school and community.

    JHS ELO 3.1 The student connects humanities skills and knowledge learned in the world language classroom to content area classes.

    JHS ELO 3.2 The student connects mathematical and scientific skills and knowledge learned in the world language classroom to content area classes.

    JHS ELO 3.3 The student connects fine arts skills and knowledge learned in the world language classroom to the content area classes.

    JHS ELO 3.4 The student connects CTE skills and knowledge learned in the world languages classroom to content area classes.


    To view the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages’ National Standards:  www.actfl.org.

    Course Outline:

                                             Grading Scale:

    Textbook:       Exprésate:  www.go.hrw.com


    September:    Introduction, Chapters 1-2

    October:        Chapters 2 - 3

    November:    Chapters 3

    December:    Chapter 4

    January:        view, Final Projects, Oral &  Written Exam      

    Second Semester 

    February:      Chapter 5

    March:          Chapter 6

    April:            Chapter 7

    May:             Chapter 7-8

    June:             Review, Final Projects, Oral & Written Exam



    Class Participation:                              20%                                    

    Homework:                                             5%

    Warm-ups                                               5%            

    Quizzes                                                 10%

        (Culture Quiz      5%)

        (Speaking Quiz   5%)

    Tests, Final, Projects :                         60%                               

        (Chapter Test   15%)

        (Projects           15%)

        (Final                10%)

        (Listening Test   5%)                        

        (Writing Test      5%)

        (Spelling Test    5%)

        (Reading Test    5%)                     _______

                                              Total          100%




    (93 –100%)

    Produces markedly superior

    work, consistently demonstrates

    a high understanding of the

    course objectives.



    (90 – 92.9%)


    (87 – 89.9%)

    Masters skills thoroughly and

    demonstrates a good  understanding of the objectives of the course.



    (83 – 86.9%)


    (80 – 82.9%)



    (77 – 79.0%)

    Demonstrates satisfactory achievement of the course objectives.

    Does not demonstrate achievement of the course objectives, but does receive credit


    (73 – 76.9%)


    (70 – 72.9%)



    (67 – 69.9%)




    “Students must be earning a

    passing grade at the end of

    each semester in order to

    continue study in the next

    semester.” (JHS Planning



    (59.9%  and below)




    (60 – 66.9%)






    Additional Information:

    Classroom Expectations/Standards:

    ·          Be here

    ·          Be here on time

    ·          Be friendly

    ·          Be polite

    ·          Be prepared

    ·          Be a listener

    ·          Be a doer

    ·          Be a quality worker

    ·          Be a positive risk taker

    ·          Be a success

    ·          Be respectful

    ·          Use appropriate language----no swearing.

    ·          No electronic devices are allowed for use during class time and must not be visible.

    ·          No food or drink in the room – except water.

    ·          No cheating – Penalties: First Offense: Zero on assignment/test. Second Offense: Loss of Credit

    ·          Bring to class:  notebook, pencils, pens, textbook


    Passes:  You can use two passes during the semester to be used for bathroom, locker or library.    Each pass is worth 15 extra points towards participation.  You are encouraged to:

    ·          Do your necessities during your 5-minute passing time.

    ·          Stay in class learning without any interruptions.

    ·          Save your passes for extra points towards your participation.  (A total of 30 extra points towards participation).   

             Note:  Pre-arranged passes to report to the office or an administrator/staff member are exempt.  Also passes due to medical

                       emergencies recorded at the nurse’s office are also exempt.


    What, exactly, does class participation look and sound like? (20% of your Grade)

    J When you enter class, turn on the “Spanish part” of your brain.  Greet classmates

    J Raise your hand quietly, showing me that you are willing to try.

    J Give full eye-contact to whoever is speaking.

    J Listen to others.  You will often need to repeat what others have said.

    J Sing along, play along, and talk with your group in Spanish during group activities.

    J Speak as much Spanish as you possibly can.

    J Speaking with errors is better than not speaking at all.


    “Cuaderno” Notebook Organization (50 Points-to be turned in at the end of the each semester):  Please bring your “cuaderno” notebook every day to class.  Your cuaderno should have the following sections: 

                                                                                                -     Vocabulario (Vocabulary)

    -       Exprésate    (Notes)

    -       Actividades  (Activities)


    Out-of-Class Learning Activities (tarea 5% of your grade): 

    Through your tarea, you improve your Spanish and you prepare for assessments.  You are expected to invest 15-30 minutes daily out of class.  Once you complete the assigned work, continue to study for the remainder of 15-30 minutes:  read out loud, practice with flashcards, or review (daily warm-ups) to practice grammar, vocabulary, and answering questions. The daily warm up (2 points daily) will be stamped daily and collected at the end of every two weeks.   The daily homework (5 points daily) will stamped at the beginning of class.


    Attendance:  Attendance and participation are vital to your success in learning a foreign language.  We follow the Everett School District attendance policy. 


    Make-up work:  It is essential that you find out what you missed right away.  I will post brief class activity notes and homework on the website.  If you have an unexcused absence, you may NOT make up missed homework, class work, or performance assessments You will be responsible for learning the missed information on your own. If you provide an excused admit slip, or (better yet) you pre-arrange your absence with your teacher, you will have one day per day you were absent to submit missing work.


    Quiz/Test retakes:  Quizzes and Tests may only be retaken if you failed.  They may be retaken for a C grade, not higher. All homework and “ejercicios escritos”(warm-ups) must be completed prior to re-take.  Students must re-take within a 1 week window and must schedule 2 half hour reviews with the teacher.


    Deadlines:  Please talk to me, ahead of time when possible, if you have a difficult situation.  Projects may be accepted late with a  -5% per day penalty.   To encourage students to keep up with the class, there will be deadlines throughout the semester.


    Progress Reports:  Grades will be updated every Friday.   You can access these at https://lms.everettsd.org/secure/HomePage.aspx


    J Listening: Speaking: Reading: Writing: Practice! Practice! Practice! I look forward to a great year with each of you. 






    Español 1:  H.M Jackson High School




    Course: Spanish 1                                                    

    Teacher: Ms. Reiman      

    e-mail:  mreiman@everettsd.org

    Telephone: (425) 385-7111        Room C 101

    Lunch:     1

    Planning: 2




    QUESTIONS or CONCERNS: Don't hesitate to call me at 425-385-7111. Please bring this syllabus home and have your parent or guardian sign the Acknowledgment Sheet. Please bring the Acknowledgment Sheet back to school by Tuesday, September 9. This is worth 5 points toward your grade.




    Spanish 1


    Course Syllabus


    NAME: _______________________               DATE: _____________________                            PERIOD: ______


    I have read and understand the Spanish I Course Syllabus. I agree that I will do my best to fulfill all class requirements and receive the highest grade possible.




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