Electronic Device Use

  • Everett Public Schools has a vested interest in and encourages the use of electronic communication devices (ECDs, i.e., smartphones, tablets, slates, notebooks, laptops, personal computers, cellular phones, and other similar electronic devices.) An ECD can play a positive role in furthering our students' learning. The Everett Public Schools wireless network permits students with a district network account and an ECD to access the internet. 

    It is the expectation of the school district that students effectively and appropriately use available technology. All use of technology must be in support of education, classroom learning and Everett Public Schools' operations and must be consistent with the mission of Everett Public Schools. 

    Student use of an ECD in the classroom setting with be managed by the classroom teacher and will follow the individual school guidelines. An ECD shall not be used in a manner that disrupts the educational process, including but not limited to, posing a threat to academic integrity.

    Students are responsible for devices they bring to school. The District shall not be responsible for loss, theft, damage or destruction of devices brought onto school property or to school-sponsored or school-related events or activities. 

    Students who violate these conditions of use will be subject to disciplinary action, including losing the privilege of bringing ECDs onto school property, suspension, or expulsion. In addition, an administrator may confiscate the device, which shall be returned only to the student's parent/guardian. Use of cameras, including those in cell phones or other electronic devices, is prohibited in restrooms and locker rooms. 

    If an ECD disrupts the educational process, the following progressive discipline will be followed. 

    A. First Violation

    The teacher issues a warning and manages the situation.

    B. Second Violation

    Incident needs to be reported on the Electronic Device Policy Referral Form and sent to the grade-level administrator and the student will be issued an after-school detention. The teacher should list the date when the initial warning was issued and how the situation was managed.

    C. Third Violation

    A referral will be issued and the student will be assigned a Saturday School.