Parent Resources

  • It truly "takes a village"...

    Thankfully, there are more "ups" than "downs" when raising children. And, thankfully there are some wonderful resources available to families during those "down" moments. Below are a few helpful links in creating a community of support during tough times. Further individual research would need to be done to see if any of the below are right for you and your family. Please let us know if you learn of other helpful resources, as we like to keep this list up-to-date! Hopefully some of the information below will give you a place to start. 

    • Have you lost your job? Has your income dramatically decreased? Or, does your student already qualify for Free/Reduced lunch?
      • Don't worry, there is assistance, and it will be kept confidential!
        • Pick up a Free/Reduced Lunch application in the school office. If your student qualifies, she/he may get assistance with both breakfast and lunch.
        • Free/Reduced Lunch students also have access to SAT/ACT/AP test & college application fee waivers. Such students can also see her/his counselor if there is a need for basic school supplies, clothing/shoe resources, senior party scholarships, etc. For any of these resources, have your student see her/his counselor for more information!


    • Looking for some extra parental support?
      • Snohomish County At Risk Youth Resources: There are many reasons a teen may be considered "at risk." This site provides information about the resources available within our community.
      • Snohomish County residents are lucky to have access to Project Safe: a Resource for parents of teens. Project Safe provides phone consultations, support groups, behavior workshops, and more.


    • There are many excellent resources for Parents preventing and/or addressing substance abuse with their children.
      • The links below are for some of the better available online prevention resources. Research continues to demonstrate that parents' effort to object to their child's use of alcohol and other drugs, along with the willingness to discuss the topic, are some of the most important factors in reducing and preventing use.
        • links to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) research-based guide to prevention for parents and communities. This is a very thorough and current document on all factors that effect the prevention of drug abuse, as well as what programs and practices are effective.
        • is a link to the Partnership to end Addition
        • "Cocoon House Programs" provide excellent parenting tips and prevention services for parents in Snohomish County, as well as shelter for teens in crisis.
        • (King and Snohomish Counties) "Changes" is a self-supported parent support group. Parents regularly meet to support each other and share experiences with difficult passages they've been through with their children.


    • Looking for more extensive "struggling teen" resources?
      • Family Reconciliation Services: Any youth and parent having serious conflicts, any parent whose child has run away, or any runaway youth may ask for FRS assistance. The WA State Department of Social and Health Services provides services (such as the At Risk Youth Petition and the Child in need of Services petition) to teenagers ages 13-17 and their families.
          • Call: 866-829-2153
      • Woodbury Reports, Inc. ( provides a wealth of information to assist with Struggling Teens and their parents. Their assistance includes:
        • Resources For Personal Research. Thousands of pages helping parents research as many private schools and programs for struggling or troubled teens as they can find.
        • They have Pre-Screened Quality Resources information for sale. For example, The 300+ page Parent Empowerment Handbook contains those private schools, programs, transport services and Educational Consultants with the best reputations based on an annual survey of the top professionals from around the country.
        • They have highly skilled and trained Educational Consultants who provide individual advice to help parents find the best match for their struggling or troubled teens.

     Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying resources?