If you want Essay Corrections, follow the following procedures:


    1.       DO NOT THROW AWAY!  You need your original essay and rubric to be stapled to the new essay.

    2.       Type your original essay on the computer*.

    - Use the strikethrough feature to cross out omitted or altered text.
    - Add in new text but be sure to follow #3 

    3.       Using the comment feature on MS Word (Click “Review”, “New Comment”), place a comment at the end of each sentence/paragraph that shows which part of the rubric is being fixed and label it with the section of the rubric (See bullet list below).  

    • A1. Thesis
    • B1. Historical Context
    • C1. Use of Document related to theme of prompt
    • C2. Use of Document in connection with an argument
    • C3. Outside Evidence
    • D1. SIPP
    • D2. Cannot be earned on a rewrite

    4.      Explain why the change is better.

    5.       Ask someone to look it over and give feedback – change if you need to.

    6.       Hand it in to Mr. Simmons with your original essay and rubric stapled AT THE BACK of the new essay labeled “ESSAY CORRECTION” and the title of the essay.  If it is not stapled with the old essay and old rubric on the back, you may keep receiving it back with no changes. 


    This is about learning!!!  If you are having trouble understanding, please come in and see me personally with your essay.

    YOU HAVE 1 WEEK TO HAND IN ESSAY CORRECTIONS.  I will not accept any essay corrections after the designated deadline.