•  Ms. Tobin
    Ms. Tobin, room D111
    English 1, English 2 Honors, UW English
    School phone: 425-385-7063

    Both students and their parents/guardians should use Canvas to access all course materials and assignments and the online grade book to check for missing assignments and grades. The Canvas log in for students is their Student ID and school computer password. Parents log in to Canvas with their LMS (online grade book) user name and password.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! Email (ltobin@everettsd.org) is the best way to do this. I will reply to emails within 24 hours. Feel free to contact me about joining our class Remind, which I use to send announcements via text. Please avoid using the school phone number during the school closure as we are not in the classroom.

    Welcome to our year of learning together! My name is Lee Anne Tobin (Ms. Tobin here in the classroom) and I feel truly honored to share this year’s journey with you in our English Language Arts class. Students, I want you to know that I’m here because I believe in you. I believe that each of you is an incredible human being and a gift to the rest of us. I believe you have something deeply valuable to offer our world that only you can contribute. As your Language Arts teacher, it is my great privilege to help you develop and articulate your treasure – to reveal it, to make it known – both to yourself and to the rest of us. My mission is to help you cultivate your voice and equip you with the language skills to make it heard, which is critical for the enrichment of our society. We need you; we rely on the gifts you bring to the table. Without hearing from you and benefiting from the incredible person you are and all that you have to offer, the world is a poorer place. When we put language to the brilliant and beautiful things within each of us, we make them shareable; we bring them into the community in a way that makes us all better people for the access we now have to the treasures inside one another. Otherwise, we remain unenlightened by the gifts hidden within others. If it is not articulated, the treasure remains a thing unknown even to the one who possesses it, trapped in shadow, waiting unrealized and unfulfilled. So this year, we will work together to develop your voice – figuring out what kind of person you want to be, what it is you want to say, and how to communicate effectively. 

    I hope to provide you with the resources you need both to refine the gift that you are and gain the courage and skill necessary to share that gift with the world. I teach English because I believe that hearing the voices of others within a context where space is made for our own can help give us the courage to speak up with words we may not have otherwise known we had. I believe that language can empower us with resources to shape our character, our lives, and our world for the better. And I believe that life is a story still being told, and every moment is a clean page with the opportunity to write our yet-unimagined adventures. Reading each other’s stories provides us with inspiration to live out our own and strength in knowing that we are not alone.

    Parents, I am happy to invite you along on this learning journey. Your support is critical in helping your student reach his or her learning goals this year. Students, I am committed to doing everything I can to support your success. Honest, open communication is critical in this process. Parents and students, please feel free to contact me at any time in person, via email, or with a text or phone call with your questions, concerns, or suggestions (see contact information at the top of this letter). I am incredibly excited to get to know you and grow together this school year!