• Week 7 Phonics Activities: 

    I can read, identify and make the sound for my letter of the week: Kk

    I can read and identify my sight words of the week: good, they


    Each of these options can be done with both letters and sight words. When identifying the letters, also have your child tell you what sound it makes! 



    Play Hide and Seek with your letters or sight words (or both!) 

    • Hide the letters and/or words around the room for your child. Have them find them one at a time, and tell what it is (and if it’s a letter, what sound it makes). 

    Writing in the sand

    • You can use sugar, flour, sand, or anything you have at home! Put it in a container or on a flat surface. Have your child write their letters and/or sight words in the sand using their finger, a straw, or something else! 


    What’s missing? 

    • Place 3 or 4 words on the table and read them. Close your eyes and ask your partner to remove a word. Identify the missing word. The other player closes eyes, and you remove a word to see if they can identify the missing word.


    Painting Words

    • Go outside and paint the words on the sidewalk using ice or water.
    • Also fun with sidewalk chalk if you have any handy!


    Looking for more ideas for practicing sight words? Here are a few fun links with ideas you can do with things you might have at home! 

    Sight word activities

    More sight word activities 


    For access to these after this week, I have also posted these in the extra resources folder for Phonics on my website, and will also be located in the “Past weekly assignments” folder. 

    Sight word songs

    Kk songs

    Sight Word: good

    Letter Kk video by Have Fun Teaching

    sight word: they

    Letter K by abc mouse


    Letter K by Jack Hartman


    Letter K by Miss Molly