• I can draw and write a personal narrative with two sentences.



    Lesson 1

    Goal: to understand how to write 2 sentences to match a story

    Watch the lesson videos:

    Mrs. Fox introduces the learning target

    Mrs. Fox tells a story

    (Approx. 17 min long)





    What sentences would YOU have written to match her story?

     Write down two sentences to help make Mrs. Fox’s story even better!

    Mrs. Fox's Personal Narrative

    How would you change her writing to make it even better?

    Blank Paper

    Lesson 2

    Goal: to draw and write your own story, that includes 2 sentences

    Watch the lesson video again:

    Mrs. Fox tells a story

    Think about a time that you saw or heard crazy weather. Was it raining hard, or very windy? Did you see thunder or lightning? What happened?

    In telling your story, remember to include: 

    The event (what happened)

    The characters

    The setting



    Think about what you will write, and how you will make it into 2 sentences.


    1. Draw your detailed picture that shows what happened:

    Label your characters

    Label details that are important

    Add your speech or thought bubble

    Show what happened

    2. Write 2 sentences that tell what happened.Think about what happened in that small event, and stretch it out to tell more details. You can include how you felt, dialogue, and/or what happened. 


    Yellow Card: Front                               Yellow Card: Back


    yellow card yellow card back