• I can retell a story using important details.

    I can identify the main characters and setting of a story.

    I know my letters, sounds, and sight words (and more!).


    Our letter of the week is Uu. Here is our  Uu alphachant book. Read it as often as you would like!


    Lesson 1:

    Heat Wave

    The title of this story is Heat Wave. What do you think the story will be about?

    Listen to: Heat Wave

    Can you retell the story using details you remember? Don’t forget to use the beginning, middle, and end in your retelling.

    Why do you think this story earned an award?

    Activity: My Book of Uu

    Lesson 2:

    My Abuelita

    Listen to: My Abuelita

    Who were the characters in this story?

    Where did the story take place (setting)?

    What was Abuelita’s “job”?

    What kind of job do you think you might like to have when you grow up? Why?

    Activity: Use PebbleGo to explore jobs in our community. What job would you want to have when you grow up? Why?

    PebbleGo: Jobs in the Community

    Username : epseme

    Password: pgo!

    Lesson 3:

    We Are Vets

    1. What do you think the vets are doing with the panda cub? What makes you think that? (They are giving it a check up; the picture shows them checking the cub)
    2. What are some things vets do for the cubs? (feed, rub, hug, play, etc.)
    3. Why do vets do all the things you read about? (it’s their job to take care of animals)

    Activity: Blend Words with Uu


    Can’t access the stories? No worries! Have your kindergartener grab a book at home that he/she can read or can be read to. Choose a few of these to ask your kindergartener after any story read:

      1. Who were the characters in the book?
      2. What was the setting of the story? Where did the story take place?
      3. What was the beginning, middle, and ending of the story?
      4. Was there a problemSolution?
      5. Read the author’s name. What does an author do?
      6. Read the illustrator’s name. What does an illustrator do?
      7. Do you have any connections to this story?


    • Did you like this story? Why or why not?
    • If you could change the ending of this story, what would you do?
    • If you could be a character in this story, who would you be? Why? 


    Homework: Do you LOVE reading as much as I do? Send me a picture of you reading one of your favorite books! It can be a book from your home, a book you heard online (Example: Storyline Online or my YouTube channel), or even a book from our lessons this week! Happy reading!