• I can read, identify and make the sound for my letter of the week: Uu

    I can read and identify my sight words of the week: are, said, put 

    Many of these options can be done with both letters and sight words. When identifying the letters, also have your child tell you what sound it makes! Have fun, and don’t forget to show your teacher all the hard work you are doing by sending a picture! 



    • Make matching sight words cards (2 cards with each sight word, or the ones you want to practice, for a more manageable size)
    • Take turns asking each other for the sight word to make a match. Student must read the sight word on the card they wish to play, and be able to read the words that are requested by other players (at least attempt)
    • The goal is to collect more pairs of matching cards than anyone else- whoever has the most matches, WINS!  


    Sight Word Pathways

    • Make a trail of sight words around the room, around furniture, and into different rooms.
    • Have your student step on and say each sight word.


    Bean Bag Toss

    • Lay out your sight word cards. You can lay them all out, or the ones you need help practicing.
    • Toss a bean bag (or a folded/rolled sock, small toy… anything you have) to each flash card. When you land on a flash card, read the flash card. Can be played independently or together.


    I Have, Who Has

    • Use or create your own alphabet cards by putting an uppercase and lowercase letter on each card. Paper saving hint: Leave off the “i have, who has” on the cards so you can use them as alphabet flash cards later! You can even make them on the back of papers you have already finished! 
    • Challenge yourself to say what sound the letter makes when you call out your letters!



    I have… Uppercase L, who has lowercase L? I have lowercase L, who has uppercase M… etc. 


    How many things can you find that begin with this letter? 

    • Search your house for things that start with Uu. Can you find any?
    • Make a list, and send a picture to your teacher of the list you created. 


    Reading with our sight words

    Looking for more ideas for practicing sight words? Check out the “More Resources” tab on my website for more fun and engaging activities to do at home. 

    Sight word songs (are, said, put) 

    Uu songs

    ARE sight word song- Jan Richardson and Jack Hartman

    Letter Uu by Have Fun Teaching

    ARE sight word song- Miss Molly

    Letter Uu by Jack Hartman

    ARE sight word song- Have Fun Teaching

    Letter Uu by ABC Mouse

    Letter Uu by Miss Molly

    Said sight word song by Have Fun Teaching


    SAID sight word song by Miss Molly


    SAID sight word song- Jack Hartman and Jan Richardson


    PUT sight word song by A is for Apps