• PDR Week 7 

    Theme: My Store 

    Dramatic Play Center

    Art Center

    Block/Building Center


    Here are some tips to get started:


    *What kind of store would you like?


       or something else??


    *Where will your store be located?

       bedroom/family room/ 

       kitchen / or ??


    *Who will shop at your store?

    kids/moms and dads /         teachers/doctors/fire           fighters, or ??


    *What is good name for your store?


      “Ms. Nanninga’s Kitties”






    Make any supplies you will need for playing “Store”:


    *Cash register, money, signs, or anything?


    *Draw a detailed picture of the inside or outside of your store with labels. Don’t forget the people and things you would find at your store.


    *Design a sign for your store:

       Color/paint/colored paper/finger paint,  letter stickers ??













    Continue the “store” theme:


    *What things will you need in your store?


    *Using toy furniture, blankets, paper boxes, blocks, legos, and anything else you need.


    *Don’t forget to put up your sign!!!