• I can research (ask an expert, read books, and use the internet) to find out information about snails.

    I can write and draw to tell information about land snails.

    informational writing   informational 2

    Had we stayed in school, we would have had the opportunity to observe, feed, and learn all about land and water snails. Luckily, land snails are creatures that many of us have access to, just by stepping outside! You can still observe snails, and/or learn about them online. 


    Last week, you learned all about the parts of a snail, including why they have shells.


    This week, you will have the opportunity to continue learning and writing all about snails. You will focus on what they eat, and you will find out some facts that YOU think are interesting to know. I can’t wait to learn more from you by reading your amazing snail writing.


    Didn’t have time to do writing last week? That’s okay! Feel free to look back at previous lessons OR jump right in to this week's lessons. Both options will be great for your brain :)



    Lesson 4: 

    What do snails eat?

    Goal: to learn about what snails eat and record what you have learned


    Read this article with your parents or a big brother/sister:

    Snail Facts for Kids

    Focus on the section titled “Habitat and Food” and discuss what snails might eat.


    What Do Snails Eat? Printable

    Print the paper and color the items that a snail might eat. OR make your own list: What snails eat, and things they do not eat.

    Find a snail outside if you can. Put a white piece of chalk, a chunk of carrot, or celery in front of it, and observe. Does the snail go after the food? Message your teacher to tell her about it!

    (Alternative idea: find a video of a snail eating online.)

    Lesson 5: 

    What do snails eat?

    Goal: to write about what snails eat


    Review the research from yesterday and from last week: What do snails eat? Discuss it with a family member- teach them what you know!

    Want more information? I encourage you to find more sources with the help from your family members


    Choose one thing that a snail eats. Write and draw to inform others about what a snail can eat:

    Writing Printable 

    (you can print this document, or you can write and draw on a piece of paper from home.

    Lesson 6: 

    What is the most interesting thing you learned about snails?

    Goal: to research and write about what you find interesting about snails


    Review your research from the week, and rewatch/reread as needed:

    Snail Parts Video by Mrs. Fox

    Animal Two by Two book

    Book: Why Do Snails and Other Animals Have Shells?

    Snail Body Parts Song

    PebbleGo: Snails

    New: Snails for Kids (Youtube, please supervise for ads)

    Decide which fact you think is most interesting!



    Write and draw to inform others about an interesting fact about snails:

    Writing Printable 

    (you can print this document or you can write and draw on a piece of paper from home.)


    More information about Snails and Gastropods:

    Are You a Snail?

    Snails, Slugs and Slime!

    The Snail Song