• Week 12: June 1-5

    Please see the Menu Options under Week 12 (on the menu on the left of the screen) to see subject specific ideas and activities, or click the links below. Remember that it is a menu of ideas. Pick and choose the activities that are best for you family. However, we are introducing new content until the end of the year as we would have in the classroom, and teachers have been asked to begin tracking who is participating in the activities. Send a picture or two, attend zoom meetings, comment on a morning message, and/or complete online lessons through iReady, Reading Eggs, or Imagine Language and Literacy (if enrolled). 

    Math: iReady Assessment; Counting to 100 by 10's and 1's

    Reading: Retell a story using details and ask and answer questions about details of a text

    Phonics: Letter Xx and sight words therefind, and give

    Writing: Personal narrative with TWO sentences; Memory Book

    Plan Do Reflect: Library Time!

    learning targets

    Please send pictures so I can see your student working on growing his/her brain, and having fun fun at home! Be safe, stay healthy, and let me know if you need anything ♥


    Previous weeks and lessons have been moved to Past Weekly Assignments