• I can find all the ways to compose and decompose 10.

    I can count to 100.






    Count to 100

    Count to 100

    Count to 100

    Count to 100

    Count to 100

    Weekly Math Activities: 

    Choose the activities that work best for you. Have fun Making 10!

    Math Activity 1: Ten Frame Flip

    Watch this video, Ten Frame Flip, then play the math game.  Don’t forget to record your work on a separate sheet of paper.  Need some cards to play this game?  Find them here: Primary Number Cards or make some of your own. Need a ten frame?  Draw one or use this: 10 and 20 Frame.  

    Do you think you found all the ways to make ten?  Watch this video. Were there any you missed? What Numbers Make 10

    Math Activity 2: Race Away

    Watch this video, 10 Frame Race Away, then play the math game. Don’t forget to record your work on a separate sheet of paper.  Need a die?  Here is the link to the one we created last week: Make your own Dice.  Here is an online version: Online Dice.

    Math Activity 3: Finger Fun

    Watch this video: Counting Hands Craft. Follow the steps to make the craft and find all the ways to make ten. 

    Share It!

    Show your teacher all the great work you have been doing.  Take a picture or video of your work and send it to your teacher.

    Need More?

      1. Here is a link to some extra math pages: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17BubhDW7OML1DybxFPh65v_r2d4peWLl/view?usp=sharing  Color the animals in each row two different colors, and then write a number sentence to go with the picture.
      2. Play the Hiding Game from last week again with 6 and 7.
      3. Try counting some of these collections:
      4. Look outside your window.  How many blue things can you see?  How do you know?
      5. At meal time, grab a handful of a small food (cereal, beans, crackers, etc.).  Count how many pieces you have. How did you organize your count?  Why? Tell your family, then eat your food!
      6. Look at your toys. How many yellow toys can you find? How did you count them?  Why did you decide to count them that way?
      7. Go on a walk outside with your family.  How many purple things can you find?  How did you know?
      8. Pick a room in your house. How many pictures can you find in that room?  Why did you count the pictures that way?


    Don’t forget to review some of the skills you already know. Use this scavenger hunt and find 2D shapes! 

    Shape Hunt