• PDR - Plan Do Reflect

    I can make a plan about what I will play.

    I can do my plan.

    I can reflect on my plan/play time.


                            Restaurant Life!


    Dramatic Play Center

    Art Center

    Building/Block Center

    Theme: Restaurant

    Create an imaginary play scene together. This type of play supports their emotional and social development by looking through different perspectives, expressing character’s feelings, working together, and etc.

    Ideas to get started:  

    Talk with your child about essential workers and essential businesses.

    What type of restaurant would you like to have

       Examples: fast food, drive thru, Mexican, Pizza, Teriyaki, etc.

    What job would you have at your restaurant:

       Examples: cashier, cook, waitress, dish washer, etc.

    Don't forget to give your restaurant a name!

    Create A Menu

    Think about what kinds of food would you like at your restaurant and how much would you charge customers for it.


    Soda $1

    Cheese pizza   $5

    Create a menu for your restaurant. Use markers, crayons, paints, paper, and stamps/stickers.

    Take a picture of your menu and send to me!



    Restaurant Life!

    Create the inside of your restaurant.  Remember that you want to make it look SO nice that everyone will want to come to your restaurant.

    Use play furniture, blankets, play dishes, play food, play cash register and play money. 

    Use wood blocks, empty boxes (pizza box) to build tables, walls, chairs, etc.

    Use dolls, blocks, cubes, etc. as your customers. You could even use your brothers and sisters. :)

    Send a picture of the inside of your restaurant to me!