• Week 10 Learning Targets:

    • I can retell a story using important details.
    • I can ask and answer questions in a story.
    • I know my letters, sounds, and sight words (and more!).


                    week 10

    Our letter of the week is Zz. Here is our Zz alphachant book. Read it as often as you would like!


    Lesson 1:

    Smash! Mash! Crash!

    The title of this story is Smash, Mash, Crash! What do you think the story will be about?

    Listen to: 

    What are some of the describing words the author uses in this story?

    What was your favorite part of this story?

    What was your least favorite part of this story?

    Do you have any connections to this story?

    ActivityMy Book of Z

    Lesson 2:

    A Firefighter's Tools



    Listen to:  A Firefighter's Tools

    What are some of the tools a firefighter uses?

    What else can hurt a firefighter besides fire?

    Why is a firefighter’s hat longer than a regular hat?

    Listen to: Tools

    What are some of the tools in the book? How were they used?

    What detail can you recall from this book?

    Activity: Use PebbleGo to explore jobs in our community. What job would you want to have when you grow up? Why?

    PebbleGo: Jobs in the Community

    Username : epseme

    Password: pgo!

    Lesson 3:

    Zig Zag

    What is the one big idea this book is about? (zigs and zags)

    Where are the zigs and zags on each page?( on pot, bag, mat, etc.)

    What are some of the zigzags made out of? (brick, thread, hair, etc.)

    What is an important idea about the topic of this book? (many things have zigzags)

    Activity: Blend Words With Z


    Can’t access the stories? No worries! Have your kindergartener grab a book at home that he/she can read or can be read to. Choose a few of these to ask your kindergartener after any story read:

      1. Who were the characters in the book?
      2. What was the setting of the story? Where did the story take place?
      3. What was the beginning, middle, and ending of the story?
      4. Was there a problem? Solution?
      5. Read the author’s name. What does an author do?
      6. Read the illustrator’s name. What does an illustrator do?
      7. Do you have any connections to this story?


    • Did you like this story? Why or why not?
    • If you could change the ending of this story, what would you do?
    • If you could be a character in this story, who would you be? Why? 


    Homework: Send a picture of one of the activities above to me! I would love to have your child in the picture with their completed work. Please text or email me the picture(s). Thank you!