• Fun Phonics Learning Targets:

    I can read, write, identify, and make the sound for the letter: Qq

    I can read, write, and identify my sight words of the week: little, play, who




    Sight Word Practice Game

    • Use this fun sight word slide show to practice all your sight words.
    • Time yourself. How long did it take you to read them all?
    • Keep doing it (and timing yourself) to see how fast you can get.

    Sight Word Slideshow


    Read On Your Own

    Use this book, The Good Little Pig to do some reading!

    • Have someone read to you
    • Read it to yourself
    • Read it to someone at home (or two)
    • Practice retelling the story- what happened? Who were the characters? 
    • Count all the words you know. Are there any you don’t know? Try to sound them out and read the book on your own! 

    The Good Little Pig 


    Sight Word Sentences

    • Write 3 sight word sentences using words you know how to spell, and draw a picture that matches each sentence.

    Send a picture to your teacher!


    Sight Word Pathways

    • Make a trail of sight words around the room, around furniture, and into different rooms
    • Have your student step on and say each sight word.

    Sight Word Songs (little/play/who)

    Letter of the Week Songs: Qq

    little- Miss Molly

    Qq- Jack Hartman

    play- Jan Richardson and Jack Hartman

    Qq- ABC Mouse

    play- Miss Molly

    Qq- Bounce Patrol

    play- Heidi Songs

    Qq- Storybots

    who- Jan Richardson and Jack Hartman


    who- Miss Molly


    who- Heidi Songs