• Theme: Job 


    Dramatic Play Center  

    Art Center  

    Block/Building Center  

    *When you grow up, what job would you like to do? 


    *a teacher/a fire fighter /a lawyer/a singer/a store cashier/ a restaurant cook/ or a ___? 

    *Think about it and talk with your family. Here’s some things to think about.  


    *What job would you like to do? 

    *Who would you work with? 

    *Where would you work? 

    *How will you get to work? 

    *What will you wear?  

    Draw a picture of you working at your job? 


    *example: A teacher would draw a classroom with kids the teacher and lots of learning toys. 


    *Don’t forget to label your picture and add lots of details and color.  

    Build where you will work. 


    *using toy furniture, paper boxes/paper towel rolls, blocks, clothes, …. 


    *build your classroom/fire engine/courtroom/stage /store/kitchen ….... 


    HAVE FUN!!!