• There is no summer homework for AP World History

    If you are looking for opportunities to engage with World History over the summer, I am linking a few options below. This is NOT homework, but I know there are students who are interested in spending some time with history topics this summer. Please note that this is totally optional:

    • John Green’s Crash Course World History (pick topics that are interesting to you OR focus on pre-1200 history (#1-15 cover content we don’t spend very much time on since our class content begins in 1200 CE)
    • Summary reading about history before 1200 CE (AP World History’s curriculum starts in the year 1200)
    • Getting familiar with Freeman-pedia (this will be a great review resource). Pre-1200 history: this information won’t be covered in class or on the exam, but it’s interesting and important history!

    If you have any questions about AP World History or just want to check in/say hi/introduce yourself, you are more than welcome to email me this summer! I will be checking my email periodically over the summer, so I will be sure to respond as soon as I can.

    I am looking forward to meeting you in the fall. For many of you, AP World History may be your first AP class and is likely your first social studies class here at JHS, so we will work together to learn, improve and succeed!