•  Events

    What Are Events?
    Throughout the school year, Key Club is asked to help volunteer in our community. We help at the elementary schools in our school district, the Everett Food Bank, the YMCA and anywhere else we are asked to help at. At every event, there will be an officer to help run the event and members to help volunteer (that means you). Some events have a limited number of members allowed to volunteer and others have no limit. 
    How Do You Know What Events There Are?
    At every meeting, the events are announced and signup sheets are passed out. We also send out an email after every meeting with the descriptions of the events and the google signup sheets. The signup sheets and powerpoints are linked on our club website. Club Website 
    Important Note:
    When you signup for an event, you are committing to show up to that event. If you need to cancel, do not cancel less than 24 hours (48 preferably) or you will be placed on the blacklist. However, if an emergency comes up, the officer team will make an exception. If you get three strikes on the blacklist, you will not be able to be a Jackson Key Club member for the rest of the school year. All you have to do to stay off the blacklist is: go to any events you signup for, give the officer in charge notice if you can't be at the event, don't take your name off the event signup without telling one of the officers, let an officer know if you find a replacement for yourself (you don't necessarily need to, the officers can find one for you if you give us the 48 hours to do so) and don't add your name to the event signup if all the spaces have already been filled.