Welcome to Ms. Alonzo's website

  • Ms. Alonzo My name is Ginger Alonzo , the School Psychologist for HMJHS.
    If you have any questions regarding initial referral for Special Education services, please contact your school counselor.
    -Information needed for an initial referral includes:
         1.  Grades from at least the last 3 years of school
         2.  Information regarding absences
         3.  Information regarding discipline
         4.  Information regarding behavior
         5.  Interventions over at least a 2 month period targeting the area of concern and outcome data
         6.  Any previous evaluation
         7.  Any evaluation/diagnosis from outside the school district (medical, psychological)
         8.  Name of any medications and purpose
         9.  Reason for referral
    If you have any questions regarding re-evaluations for a student already receiving services through special education, please contact me.
    I can be contacted at 425-385-7022.or valonzo@everettsd.org