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Upcoming ACT Deadlines

  • Registration for the February 12th ACT closes January 7th!

    Visit the ACT's website to register -- note a late fee applies if registering after January 21st for the 2/12/22 test.

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  • Registration for the April 2nd ACT closes February 25th!

    Visit the ACT's website to register -- note a late fee applies if registering after March 11th for the 4/2/22 test.

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  • Registration for the June 11th ACT closes May 6th!

    Visit the ACT's website to register -- note a late fee applies if registering after May 20th for the 6/11/22 test.

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ACT Overview

  • What is the ACT?

    The ACT test is an admission test used by colleges and universities to make admissions decisions.  It is a timed multiple-choice test divided into four sections: English, reading, math and science.  There is an optional 40-minute writing portion.  The ACT can be used to meet a graduation pathway in Washington State.

    When should a student take the ACT?

    Seniors who plan to attend a college or university typically take either the ACT or the SAT during the summer before or fall of a student's senior year; the timing also depends on any applicable deadlines for high school credit/graduation and college admissions. ACT scores of 14+ in ELA and/or 16+ in math may be used to meet an English/Language Arts and/or Math graduation pathway

    Why is the ACT important?

    The ACT is used by many colleges/universities to determine student admission, as well as eligibility for certain scholarships. Students may also use ACT scores of 14+ in ELA and/or 16+ in math to meet an English/Language Arts and/or Math graduation pathway

    Where is the ACT being held in 2021-22?

    Please see the below table for a list of schools in Snohomish County hosting the ACT - note that not all schools are offering tests on the same dates. For ACT testing locations outside of Snohomish County, please refer to the ACT website or reach out to the Assessment Coordinator.

    How will a student or college admissions receive ACT scores?

    ACT results are posted to a student's MyACT account online, 10 to 60 days after the testing date depending on when the test occurred; some dates have a higher volume of testers. When registering for the ACT, students select their high school and four college/university institutions to send their scores to at no cost. Sending additional score reports is done through a student's MyACT account and a $16 fee per report applies. 

    How is the ACT different from the SAT?

    A main difference is the ACT includes a science section and students may use a calculator on the entire math section; the SAT does not have a science section and there are both non-calculator and calculator-allowed math sections. The ACT is more focused on testing students' knowledge and the questions are more straightforward; the SAT has trickier questions which ask students to apply knowledge and solve real-world problems using logic and reasoning skills. Lastly, the ACT also has more questions (215 vs 154) in approximately the same amount of time (~3 hours), meaning students have less time to spend answering each question (49 seconds vs 70 seconds) than on the SAT.


    ACT versus SAT comparison



2021 - 22 ACT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

2021 - 22 ACT Test Dates in Snohomish County