Spring 2022 EHS World Language Assessment

  • WLA Registration

    Registration for the spring 2022 World Language Assessment is open February 21st through March 31st, 2022

    • If a student did not take the fall 2021 WLA, there is a $10 student registration fee. Students with Free/Reduced Lunch are eligible for this fee to be waived. All 11th graders are eligible for their fees to be covered by the EHS GEAR UP program.
    • If a student did take the fall 2021 WLA and wants to test again (in the same or another language), they must pay the full cost of the test ($20-130) because the district only subsidizes one WLA per student each school year. Please email tmalowney@everettsd.org prior to registering to confirm the fee!

    To register for the WLA, please visit the Everett High School Treasurer's window to the left of the main office doors in the A Building with your fee payment and completed Student Registration Form. Note that a student must be able to read, write, speak, and listen/understand the language they are testing in! High school World Language credits earned are based on the lowest-scoring section; if you cannot write a language but can fluently read, speak and understand it, you may not earn any credits if you fail the writing section of the WLA.


  • What is the World Language Assessment?

    A language proficiency exam which measures student fluency in a non-English language for the purpose of awarding students up to 4.0 high school credits of World Language as well as the Seal of Bilteracy on their high school diploma.

    Any language is available to test - the district will make every effort to locate an applicable assessment, but please note that languages which are less commonly spoken in the U.S. may require additional time to locate a test.

    The type of test a student takes is determined by the language they are testing in (see below), but the total credits earned are based on the lowest-scoring section in both cases.

    • Computer-based test with different sections for reading, writing, speaking, listening.
    • Pen/paper test combined with an oral interview.

    Who should take the World Language Assessment?

    Students in 7th through 12th grade who can fluently read, write, speak, type and listen in a non-English language.

    What if a student does not pass the World Language Assessment?

    "Not passing" means the student did not earn any high school credits in World Language but otherwise, there is no penalty. The WLA is not a graduation requirement itself, but earning 2.0 credits of World Language is part of the Core24 credits students must earn as part of Washington state high school graduation requirements.

    Students may retake the WLA as many times as necessary, but Everett Public Schools only subsidizes each student's $10 registration fee once per year. A student must pay the full cost of the test ($20-130, specific to each language) if they want to attempt it again within the same school year. 

    How will credits earned through the World Language Assessment be added to student transcripts?

    Students/families need to sign/date the district letter which was sent after the WLA, then return it to the student's counselor or registrar in order for their earned credits to be added to their transcript. Note the credit will be awarded with a Satisfactory (S) grade and cannot be removed once placed on the student's transcript.

    If a student took the WLA at a school outside of the Everett School District, please complete district form 2415P and provide the original official WLA score reports to the Everett HS registrar. Note the credit will be awarded with a Satisfactory (S) grade and cannot be removed once placed on the student's transcript.

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