World Language Assessment (WLA) Practice Tests


    The World Language Assessment type is determined by the language the student takes.

    To find the correct practice test, please find the language the student plans to take in the chart below. The chart indicates which test type is provided for that language and provides a link to the practice test for that language. The four most common language test types offered in Everett Public Schools are:

    STAMP 4 S: This assessment covers all subject areas, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The assessment is completed on a computer and takes about three hours, on average, to complete. 

    WorldSpeak: This assessment contains four writing prompts and four speaking prompts covering all subject areas. (Click the link and scroll down towards the bottom of the page to find the WorldSpeak sample test.) 

    Extemporane (Previously WAFLT): This assessment is completed on the computer and has a timed paper/pencil writing response portion which takes, on average, three hours to complete. 

    ALTA: This assessment is provided in two parts on separate days. On test day, the student will be administered a one-hour timed paper/pencil Writing Skills Assessment. Once results have been returned from the vendor and the student has scored high enough to earn credit, a phone interview will then be scheduled at a later date. This phone interview will take place at the school and is no more than 25 minutes. Click here to learn more about the phone interview. 


  • There are many additional languages available that are not listed below; please contact or (425) 385-4055 if you would like practice information for a language not listed.