• Project Green Registration: Please e-mail this page with your information to aredman@everettsd.org

    Make the title ‘Project Green Application'. Check your e-mail regularly for club updates – make sure that you can receive bulk messages.

    Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


    E-mail address: _____________________________________________________________________________________


    Phone number: _______________________________________________________________ Texting? Y: ____ N: _____


    First period teacher: _________________________________________________________________________________


    Why do you want to join Project Green?___________________________________________________________________




    Please put events that you are interested in participating in bold face:


    Taking out recycling bins at school

    Advocating recycling to others


    Recycling and collecting chip bags

    Recycling paper in classrooms


    Recycling and collecting water bottles

    Taking bottle lids to collectors

    I am willing to pay $5 dues to Project Green at the beginning of the school year: Dues go to paying for recycling services and the addition of new bins in classrooms.


    Y: _____________ N:____________