• Project Green Constitution


    We, the members of Project Green at Henry M. Jackson High School, will abide to a code of conduct and school rules in order to respect for the school, students, and staff, and in order to create an environment that facilitates the recycling of plastic bottles, glass, and aluminum in our school community.



    Article 1: Name  

    Section 1: The club is to be named Project Green and serves the purpose of providing the materials required to recycle plastic, glass, and aluminum, therefore instilling in students and staff responsibility for their use of materials and an environmentally-conscious point of view.  


    Article 2: Membership

    Section 1: Membership will not be limited by race, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, financial status or grades.

    Section 2: Membership is limited to students holding a Jackson High School ASB card.

    Section 3: Members must pay a yearly $5 due to cover basic expenses for the club and to be a fundraiser for the cost of recycling bins and service at Jackson High School. Members who cannot afford the $5 may have their fees waived by discussing the issue with a co-chair.

    Section 4: Members who have not turned in their dues by the fifth week of Project Green meetings will be removed from the club.


    Article 3: Organization

    Section 1: Project Green will be run by four co-chairs and a staff advisor.

    Section 2: Four co-chairs will be elected yearly by the club's own members. The people who receive the majority of votes will become the co-chairs. If there is a tie, a second election will occur.

    Section 3: In order for a chair election to take place, 75% or more of the club must be present in order to vote.

    Section 4: Elections will be held during the last week of May. Candidates will make speeches and members will vote after all candidates have spoken. Results will be announced at the next meeting, held the first week of June.

    Section 5: Co-chairs for the incoming year will begin administrative duties for the last meeting of the year. They must meet with the previous co-chairs to discuss new responsibilities and functioning of the club.

    Section 6: If a co-chair is to resign, they must notify the rest of the co-chairs two weeks before doing so. Prospective co-chairs must fill out an application and hand it into the co-chairs one week before elections. All prospective candidates must be approved by the co-chairs. Elections will be held at the next meeting possible (see Section 3).


    Article 4: Removal of Co-Chairs  

    Section 1: Co-chairs not holding up to their agreed responsibilities will be removed from office if the majority of co-chairs agree to do so.

    Section 2: Co-chairs not obeying the rules of Jackson High School will be removed from office if the majority of co-chairs agree to do so.

    Section 3: If a new co-chair position opens up due to the removal of a co-chair, see Article 3, Section 6.

    Section 4: If more than one third of Project Green members petition to remove a co-chair from office, the co-chair will be asked to defend their case and given one week's notice to prepare their case. A vote will be taken to determine if this person should lose their position. Two out of three of the remaining co-chairs must agree on removal of a co-chair, and over half of the Project Green members must agree to remove a co-chair for the person to be removed.


    Article 5: Responsibilities of the co-chairs

    Section 1: Co-chairs share responsibilities equally.

    Section 2: Any of the four co-chairs may lead a meeting, and the co-chair leading the meeting will be decided upon prior to the meeting.

    Section 4: If an event or ongoing assignment involving Project Green occurs, a single co-chair must lead it.

    Section 5: All co-chairs are in charge of staying in contact with members.


    Article 6: Finances

    Section 1: Project Green will use the $75 given to the club to buy new recycling bins for aluminum, plastic, and glass along with covering basic expenses for the club.

    Section 2: The $5 dues collected from members will be used to purchase recycling services by the club for Jackson.

    Section 3: Fundraisers may be held to help cover the cost of recycling services. If this were to happen, a co-chair would be in charge of running the fundraiser.


    Article 7: Membership rights

    Section 1: All members have the right to participate in discussions at meetings.

    Section 2: All members have the right to petition to remove a co-chair from office.

    Section 3: All members have the right to participate in club events.


    Article 8: Meetings

    Section 1: The first meeting of the school year will be held the second week after the fall semester begins. Meetings will be held every other week after school on a certain day and time, with the exception of meetings being held weekly for the first month of school and the month of June. During the first month of school, Project Green must launch its work for the year, requiring frequent meetings. In June, the election of co-chairs is time consuming, so meetings will be held weekly.

    Section 2: Meetings may be cancelled or added, depending on the needs of the club. If meetings are cancelled or added, members will be notified a few days in advance.

    Section 3: Meetings will be led by a co-chair.

    Section 4: Meetings will discuss new ideas to help Jackson become more environmentally friendly, fundraise, and to discuss past events and old business.

    Section 5: At meetings, it will be decided which person(s) are in charge of taking the recycling bins to the curb for pick up until the next meeting.


    Article 9: Attendance

    Section 1: Members must attend 50% of meetings.

    Section 2: Members must participate in at least one club-sponsored event such as collecting recycling bins for WM to collect.

    Section 3: Members and co-chairs should not miss more than two consecutive meetings unless pre-arranged.

    Section 4: Attendance will be checked by co-chairs quarterly and those attending fewer than 25% of meetings will be dismissed from Project Green every semester.

    Section 5: Members not meeting the 50% attendance rule, but attending more than 25% of meetings will be warned regarding their attendance and are expected to attend 75% of meetings during the next semester.


    Article 10: Amendments to the constitution

    Section 1: The Constitution is binding to all members, regardless of position, but is not binding unto itself.

    Section 2:Amendments may be submitted at any time by any member to a co-chair.

    Section 3: All amendments must gain the majority of votes between co-chairs and the faculty advisor.

    Section 4: Amendments will be presented to Project Green members at a meeting before the amendment is put into place.


    Article 11: Code of conduct

    Section 1: All Project Green members must abide to the Jackson High School code of conduct.

    Section 2: Members must follow through with their assigned responsibilities.