• Jackson Track & Field

    Program Guidelines and Philosophy

    To succeed in competition and in Jackson Track & Field you must take care of both your body and your mind. You must attempt to do your best everyday: that's all it takes in athletics and life. Enjoy the satisfaction of honest effort and being part of our TEAM. If you have reservations about your commitment, please let the coaches know so that expectations are clear to the coaches. Please tell a coach as soon as you know you can not attend a meet or practice.

    Our team offers young athletes an opportunity to have fun, develop their skills and play in a competitive league.



    Life Principles Learned Through Sports

    As an individual:

    • I will develop my skills to the best of my ability and give my best effort in practice and competition.
    • I will compete within the spirit and letter of the rules of my sport.
    • I will respect the dignity of every human being, and will not be abusive or dehumanizing of anyone either as an athlete or as a fan.

    As a member of a team:

    • I will place team goals ahead of personal goals.
    • I will be a positive influence on the relationships on the team.
    • I will follow the team rules established by the coach.

    As a member of society:

    • I will display caring and honorable behavior off the field and be a positive influence in my community and world.
    • I will give of my time, skills, and money as I am able for the betterment of my community and world.

    Because I am a role model and have the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others, I commit to this Code.

    I will take responsibility and appropriate actions when I fail to live up to it.

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