• US Marine Corps Scholarship - To apply for free college education and commissioned officer status, see JHS Career Center
      • Students need SAT score of 1000 or 74 score on ASVAB test or 22 on ACT
      • Pass physical fitness test (pull ups, crunches, three mile run)
      • Interview with Captain Patton (gregory.patton@marines.usmc.mil) and fill out an application with evaluations by teachers and counselor


    • Gertrude Jackson Memorial Fund Scholarship (~$2800) APPLICATION ...Due March 23, 2022
      • Eligibility:
        • Students must be currently enrolled as a high school senior in the Everett Public Schools or Mukilteo School District.
        • FINANCIAL NEED: Student and family lack sufficient funds for the first year of college. Special consideration will be given to students who are not likely to receive other financial help.
        • GOALS: Either professional or vocational goals are considered. Persons planning technical or vocational studies such as automotive, welding, clerical, cosmetology, aircraft work, and many others are just as eligible for these scholarships as are persons going into a profession requiring four or more years in a university. Goals should be realistic in terms of ability.
        • COLLEGE CHOICE: School must be an accredited institution of higher learning, or a recognized program of vocational or professional education or training. Special consideration will be given to students applying at local schools, especially community colleges and vocational training programs. Student should be realistic in terms of financial requirements.



    • 2022 Everett Public Schools (EPS) Foundation Scholarship for Excellence in Visual Arts ($1000) - Due April 1, 2022 ... APPLICATION
      • Eligibility:
        • Applicant plans to continue education in the visual arts and will submit an application and
          • One-page characterization of commitment to the field of art and your future goals
          • At least one (up to three) letters of recommendation from a teacher
          • A statement of need
          • Transcript (ask Career Center for assistance)
          • A minimum of 8, maximum of 10, digital pictures on a thumb drive or via email file showing the quality of your work. Digital pictures should be sent to email: kfantin@everettsd.org


    • JHS PTSA Senior Scholarship 2022 ($500) - Due April 1, 2022 ... APPLICATION
      • Eligibility:
        • Applicant must be a graduating senior of the Class of 2022 at JHS and have achieved a minimum cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.0 through the
          first semester of senior year. Applicant must provide a signed official transcript through the first semester of senior year.
        • Applicant must use the scholarship to further education beyond the high school level at any college, university, trade school, technical school, or junior college.
        • Applicant must have proven involvement in at least two school-based activities during attendance at JHS. Involvement can be in either elected or non-elected roles or positions
          in any area of the school (i.e. ASB, athletics, clubs/organizations/activities, honors programs, among others)
        • Applicant must provide an original essay (500 word maximum) that addresses the following prompt:
        • Explain how you have grown personally and contributed to the growth of others at JHS or in the community at large during your time at JHS. Examples could include how you were supportive of others, provided opportunities, inspired change, initiated constructive programs, and/or showed effective leadership and compassion.


    • Providence General Children's Association Scholarship ($1500) - Due April 1, 2022 ...APPLICATION
      • Eligibility:
        • Applicant has a minimum of 75 volunteer hours (day care facilities, food banks, YMCA, etc) from April 1, 2021 to April 1, 2022, and
        • Pursing a degree that encompasses the health and/or welfare of children, and
        • Submit extracurricular activities, personal achievements, and personal goals (see application)


    • Isabelle Cuthbertson Scholarship - Due April 13, 2022 ...APPLICATION (Adobe pdf) and Word Doc
      • Scholarship applicant will pursue a career in teaching. Read application for background of Isabelle Cuthbertson.
        • Apply with completed application and essay, official high school transcript, three recommendation letters, a recent photograph or snapshot of applicant (no larger than 4"x6"), and applicant signature.
        • Application and materials will be mailed in one packet, no electronic applications accepted. Send to: Lois Tysseling, 11110 24th Drive SE, Everett, WA 98208 (landttysse@hotmail.com).
        • Ask JHS Career Center (Mr. Dahlke) for assistance, if needed.


    • Everett Elks 479 Scholarships ($1000 x 2) - Due April 15, 2022 ...APPLICATION
      • The Everett Elks 479 is awarding seven (7) scholarships to graduating seniors from Everett Public Schools or Sno Isle Skill Center. Questions? Email Kelly Shepard, kellyshep@comcast.net.
        • William A. Vincent Scholarship: Two (2) students will each be awarded a $1000 scholarship in honor of Mr. William A. Vincent, a 60+ year member of the Elks with a passion for scholarship and community. These scholarships will be awarded to students seeking post-high school education in a career or technical program, internship or apprenticeship program. Eligible students are graduating or are graduates from an Everett Public School or attending the Sno Isle Skill Center.
        • Everett Elks 479 Lodge Scholarship - Five (5) students graduating from  Everett Public Schools will each be awarded a $1000 scholarship from our local lodge.


      • Eligibility:
        • Graduating senior at Henry M. Jackson High School
        • Show financial need via FAFSA's Student Aid Report (SAR) for 2022-2023. Attached SAR to application.
        • Majoring in the area of Health Care or Emergency Services including EMT, Law Enforcement, etc,
        • Attending an accredited community college, university, or vocational/technical institute


    • Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation Scholarship (up to $5000)...Due April 29, 2022 ...APPLICATION
      • Eligibility:
        • Western Washington residents, entering freshman pursuing a 4-year degree at an accredited private college/university
        • SAT scores of 1200 or more (ACT score of 25)
        • Financial need according to FAFSA application


    • JHS Class of 2014 Scholarship ($500) - Due April 29, 2002...APPLICATION
      • Eligibility: 3.00 GPA, unofficial transcript, and planning to attend two-year or four-year college/university after graduation
        • Leaders who have innovated and / or challenged the status quo.
        • Mission-driven individuals who are 1) adept at communicating their vision and working within constraints placed by external stakeholders to achieve their goals.
        • Students who have placed high importance on the value and pursuit of education and intellectual exploration and who will work to continue this passion moving forward.


    • Mill Creek Chamber of Commerce Scholarship ($2000) - Due May 2...APPLICATION
      • Eligibility:
        • Accepted as a full-time student to any college or university
        • Documented financial need
        • Career plans to work in a business related field


    • Hawthorne Alumni Scholarship - Due May 25, 2022 @ 3:30pm ...APPLICATION
      • Eligibility: Must have attended Hawthorne Elementary School for at least one year.
        • Requires photo of yourself, official high school transcript, two letters of recommendation (one from high school staff and other from: employer, coach, advisor/counselor (no letters from family/friends)
        • One page statement about who or what has been the greatest


    • Carol Degan Scholarship ($1000) - Due May 25, 2022 ...APPLICATION
      • Eligibility:
        • Pursuing a career in Physical Education or an allied field such as Health Education
        • Applications must have financial need
        • Preference will be given to applicants who attended Hawthorne Elementary School, but any Everett School District graduate may apply.


    • PBJ Foundation Scholarship ($1000) - Due May 31, 2022 ...APPLICATION
      • Eligible Students:
        • Those who have experienced personal challenges that may not have allowed them to perform well academically, but who still have the drive to succeed. With no GPA requirements, students are encouraged to apply as this scholarship is meant to be inclusive.
        • Current high school senior and plans on attending a two or four-year college next school year


     STEP 1: Start now!!! Keep a notebook to organize your efforts and save information; Excel spreadsheet works well. Schedule time to research and fill out scholarship applications. ALSO, EVEN JUNIORS & SOPHOMORES CAN APPLY!! Come to the Career Center for help to get started. View Scholarships Basics PowerPoint presentation, also available in in Adobe pdf format


    STEP 2: Start and then complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) with your parents. It opens October 1 every year. The Career Center and Naviance Specialist can also help you. Please finish the FAFSA application as soon as you can. Colleges and universities require the FAFSA to be finished near their college application due dates AND to be eligible for their school scholarships!


    STEP 3: Log in to your Naviance account and view the scholarship list after watching this video. Look for scholarships and their eligibility requirements and then choose a scholarship to apply.


    STEP 4: Visit the Career Center, Counselors, and teachers for additional scholarships. Ask your parent/guardian's work, your bank, your workplace, etc, if there are any scholarships available through their organization.


    STEP 5: Apply to scholarships from colleges/universities you apply to, either in a separate application or on the school's application. Also, check their Financial Aid and Foundation department webpages.


    STEP 6: Search databases and websites below for scholarships that fit you and your career and academic goals. These databases are continually being updated so make your database account. Keep track of scholarships that fit you. Juniors and sophomores are encouraged to apply. (THERE ARE MANY MORE SCHOLARSHIP DATABASES & WEBSITES NOT LISTED BELOW, SO GOOGLE THEM :).)



    STEP 7: Keep checking these lists for new and updated scholarships and awards. SCHOLARSHIPS ARE ADDED TO DATABASES ALL THE TIME.


    STEP 8: College Bound Scholarship: Find out if you qualify for the College Bound Scholarship by calling 1-888-535-0747 (choose Option 1) or by email, collegebound@wsac.wa.gov. If you went to middle school in Washington State, you and your parents may have applied for the College Bound Scholarship. Also, to receive texts from College Bound, text 360-928-7281 and write "Hi Otter" to start receiving messages about financial aid. Visit the Career Center and your Counselor, they can check if you are on the College Bound Scholarship list.


    STEP 9: Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS): Check if your family income qualifies you for this Opportunity Scholarship, which supports students pursuing bachelor (4-year) and associate (2-year) degrees in  CTE, high demand trades, STEM, and health care occupations. Students studying certificate and apprenticeship programs are also eligible for this scholarship. View eligible programs at Washington Community and Technical Colleges here: https://www.sbctc.edu/our-colleges/explore-colleges/default.aspx. To view application deadlines, go to www.waopportunityscholarship.org/students/applicants/cts


    STEP 10: Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program: Are you applying to non-Washington State schools? If so, maybe these schools participate in the Western Undergraduate Exchange program, possibly giving you huge tuition discounts!! Go to https://www.wiche.edu/wue and search for out of state schools that offer WUE scholarship. For a list of WUE schools, you can also visit https://wuesavingsfinder.wiche.edu/search-results.php.


    STEP 11: Attend Everett Public School district's Financial Aid Night or High School & Beyond Events to learn more. Go to https://www.everettsd.org/domain/1464 to read more about High School & Beyond events.)


    STEP 12: Never give up applying for scholarships. Your efforts are well worth your time. Good luck.



    • On scholarship applications answer all questions and type/write answers clearly. Double-check your writing (grammar, spelling, word choice, etc). Ask others, friends and adults, to read your essays, which explain who you are, what you have done, who you want to become, and why do you deserve to receive the scholarship.


    • Never pay any money to get a scholarship or attend a financial aid presentation. You never should have to pay money to get money.


    • Turn in scholarship applications BEFORE their due dates, which means you need to request EARLY required recommendation letters, transcripts, and so on. Keep track of your progress in a notebook or Excel spreadsheet.


    • Complete the FAFSA (Go to https://www.everettsd.org/Page/9402 to learn more about Financial Aid). The FAFSA opens October 1 every year and should be completed as soon as you can. Some colleges/universities require FAFSA to be completed by certain dates even though June is the deadline. The earlier you complete the FAFSA the more financial aid money you can receive!