• The colleges below are visiting JHS In-Person and in Virtual meetings this year. To register for these visits:

    • Log in to NAVIANCE, click “Colleges” and then click "College Visits"
    • Register for a school visit, checking details if In-Person or Virtual visit. 
      • In-person visits will be in the Career Center; you will receive a Career Center Hall Pass to visit the Career Center.
      • Virtual meetings can be in the Career Center and outside of school, NOT during your classes. You will receive a school district email with virtual meeting information. 
    • (Schedule these visits in your phone & school calendars...don’t forget!)

    Meeting a college is a great opportunity to learn and ask questions about majors (areas of study), future campus life, tuition and scholarships, and possible ways to actually visit the campus, if possible, before you decide to attend the school. Also, NAVIANCE is great to explore and complete High School & Beyond tasks required for graduation, which help you explore your study and career interests.