• *** The Career Center (in the Library) is usually open 7:00am - 2:30pm, but the Career Center and Henry M. Jackson High School is closed due to COVID-19 virus precautions.

    Work Authorization Forms

    Students < 18 years old need a Parent/School Authorization form for each place of employment. Some students are working more hours during school closure. The forms are online (fillable form: https://lni.wa.gov/forms-publications/F700-002-000.pdf) and given to students by a hiring supervisor. JHS’s Career Specialist will sign this form if the form is filled out completely (by student, parent, hiring supervisor) unless a situation is unique or urgent. A parent or student or staff can send me the form by email (ddahlke@everettsd.org) as a pdf or picture file format, after which I will sign the form, sending the form to student via email.

    Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center

    Due to school closures, Sno-Isle is not hosting makeup interviews to place students into 2020-2021 program classes. Sno-Isle is relying on application information despite any interviews that occurred on March 5. Beginning March 27, 2020 Sno-Isle is emailing applicants about their placement, waitlist, and denial status.

    To learn of their placement, students need to keep checking the email they used on their Sno-Isle application. The Career Specialist has access to Sno-Isle applications but we are waiting for placements along with students. If you have questions about Sno-Isle applications and placement, please contact Mr. Dahlke.

    NEW! We are very sorry to report that after very careful deliberation, a determination has been made not to offer Summer School this year at Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has presented many obstacles, including a current freeze on hiring teachers. Additionally, at this point in time, we do not have enough information regarding the lift of social-distancing  sanctions.   Gathering students for summer school may very likely be a dangerous undertaking and we will not risk jeopardizing the health and welfare of our multiple communities who participate in the Sno-Isle TECH Summer School experience.  We wish you continued safety and good health through this coming summer, and hope that you will consider us again for summer school next year.

     At the Career Center students learn about and prepare for academic and career options involving:

      • colleges and universities and their degree programs, majors, and certificates

      • apprenticeships and trades

      • internship, volunteer, and employment opportunities

      • US Armed Forces: Air Force, Army, Army National Guard, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy

      • Other skill development areas for professional success (resumè, cover letters, interviewing, time management, etc.)


    • Students to research and get assistanced with academic and career related toopics such employment trends, career interest, and scholarships.

    • Educational partners to visit and talk with students, teachers, and staff regarding their programs of study (majors and degrees) and admission requirements, services (tutoring, disabillity services, gap year, study abroad, homeless youth services), and student employment opportunities. For example, many colleges/universities visit and present in the Career Center. Students can see this list in Naviance AND STUDENTS CAN SIGN UP TO VISIT THESE SCHOOLS.


    • Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center students at JHS to get registration and transportation assistance.


    • Students' work permits (Labor & Industries Parent/School Authorization Form) to be signed by a Career Specialist so students can work. Forms must be filled out completely by employee (student), employer, and parent before Career Specialist signs the Form.



     Deron Dahlke, Career Specialist 

    (425) 385-7028, ddahlke@everettsd.org