Technology Purchasing Guidelines

  • Thinking of buying hardware or software?
    Before you do, contact the Information Systems and Technology Department at 425-385-4200 or Shelley Barbano at No matter the funding source, the department processes all district technology purchases. Doing so, they save you potential, down-the-road headache and heartache. 

    Does the district have standards for its technology?
    Yes, and they are on line at Technology Standards Summary.

    Is the technology you are thinking about a gift or donation or part of a grant? Guidelines for such generosity are in the Business Information Manual Section 1.04

    Don’t see your technology item on the list?
    That might be because it is not an item approved for district use. If it isn’t approved, the district won’t reimburse you for buying it, and the IT department will not be able to provide technical support when you have problems. In addition, for data security purposes, devices that are not approved will have no physical connectivity to the district data network and only limited access to the Internet via the districts WiFi network. So please, check the list or call us before you buy any technology or software – or before you accept a donation or grant. 

    With a little bit of help from you, we can “wow” you with service
    When making a technology request, please let us know:

    • How many of what items you want
    • Full description(s) of the items
    • What budget code you are using
    • When you need the item(s) 

    Lead-time matters! We can get price quotes and the best buy if you give us enough time. 

    If you contact us about an earlier purchase, please refer to that purchase number. 

    Is yours a specialized or high-volume request?
    If you need large numbers of computers, standard configurations with additional components, or non-standard equipment, that can take longer. Vendors’ delivery time can vary from one to four weeks from the order date to delivery. That time depends upon quantity and complexity of the order.  

    What does the department do and why does it operate this way?
    We are here to support district-owned, district-approved computer hardware, software and peripherals. We do that in ways that meet the district’s strategic priorities and support the district’s mission. Information Systems and Technology Department maintains the district network, servers, workstations and peripherals. We do so ensuring high quality at reasonable costs. 

    Having standards, guidelines and procedures for buying district technologies, regardless of the funding source, helps ensure security, compatibility and sustainability.

    Our department negotiates many agreements with hardware, software, network, telecommunication vendors and others. Each agreement is reached with the district’s priorities and obligations to its public in mind. Such organized and centralized purchasing ensures our technology:  

    1. is compatible – hardware and software work together without conflict
    2. is safe and secure – we are protecting student and staff information
    3. is suitable – it is the best product to fulfill its purpose
    4. complies with license agreements – we are honoring the law
    5. can be sustained – we can support and service it in the long-term, AND we can pay for it in the short- and long-term 

    We routinely re-evaluate technology standards. We do this because district needs change and technology changes. We also evaluate the standards looking at cost, reliability, vendor response, and recycling policies.