• HP Elite x2 In 2016, the community voted to support Everett Public Schools' technology initiative through a capital levy. At the same time, the refresh cycle for instructional staff computers was in the selection stage. The decision was made to select a mobile device for certificated staff in anticipation of the student six year 1:1 plan.

    The tablets purchased were Hewlett Packard Elite X2.

    Features on the Elite x2 include:

    • 2-1 form factor with detachable keyboard
    • Digitized pen
    • Windows 10 Operating System
    • Microsoft Office Professional Plus or Microsoft Office ProPlus
    • Corning gorilla glass
    • Backlit keyboard


    Technology Tips:

    Selection Process for Certificated Computers

    Why a mobile computer for certificated staff?
    • A mobile computer is the next generation of the teacher workstation. Mobility allows for interaction with students in real time as well as mobility inside and outside of the classroom.
    • Teacher computers were slated to be updated with 2010 levy funds. Going mobile will be a first step in using technology for instruction as outlined in the district Integrated Technology Plan.


    How was the specific mobile computer selected?

    • Mobile computer features were reviewed by representative teachers, specialists and administrators. Priority for selection was based on the rating of features that will assist in transforming instruction that has been limited by the features of older technology. The device selected also needed to adhere to district standards for technical support.

    Will this mobile computer replace any current teacher computers?

    • The only computers that will be removed over the course of the next year will be computers beyond repair or unable to run Windows 10 operating system which is a planned future upgrade.

    Device and Device Delivery

    When do certificated staff receive their mobile computers?

    • Secondary schools’ certificated staff and administrators will get their mobile computers and receive initial training on the August LID days.
    • Elementary schools’ certificated staff and administrators will get mobile computers and receive initial training by the October LID day.
    • CRC certificated staff and administrators will be receiving their computers during the months of  August and September.

    Will my mobile computer be connected to my network files?

    • The process to access network files will remain the same.
    • Work files stored on any computer hard drive are limited to that computer.
    • Special software will need to be outlined so the Help Desk can push it to the new mobile computer.
    • To assure that you can access your work files from any computer you should store them in your network or school folders, Google Drive or Office 365 One Drive account. Personal files should be moved to your personal computer or personal cloud storage.
    • Assuring your files are stored in your network folders is the same process staff follows when computers are prepared for imaging every spring. Staff should ensure all files (excluding video and audio tracks) should be saved to My Documents.
    • Large video and audio work-related files need to be transferred with USB thumb drive, CD, Google Drive or Office 365 One Drive. Just as the preparation for imaging, the Information Systems Department will send out directions with these and other things to remember.

    What operating system is on the mobile computer?

    • Windows 10 is installed on the mobile computer. This is the district’s standard operating system and is needed to provide standardized support and professional development.
    • You can learn more about Windows 10 by logging into Atomic Learning and searching for Windows 10.

    What software is on the mobile computer?

    • The basic standard suite of software you would find on any district computer. All devices will come installed with Office 2016.

    Can I load my own software?

    • Sure! But when the mobile computer needs to be re-imaged you will need to reinstall it.

    Does the mobile computer have a camera?

    • Yes, it has a front and rear facing cameras with a digital microphone.

    What accessories will be provided?

    • A digitized pen and initial set of batteries.
    • A single power cord for the computer.
    • A protective carrying bag and case will be provided.
    • A Multi-port connector hub (Kenectinator) with power cord (connections for monitor, mouse, wireless keyboards, external CD/DVD drive, etc).

    What if I lose the pen? Who replaces it?

    • You will need to replace it. An accessory list will be available to let you know model and cost.

    Do I get a spare mobile computer battery for the computer?

    • No, the mobile computers have extended life batteries.

    Can I attach my personally-purchased accessories to the mobile computer? What if I need help?

    • You can add your own accessories but you will be responsible to work directly with the vendor for assistance. The Help Desk is not able to assist with personally purchased hardware but most systems have websites and support numbers you can call.

    Will you be providing a headset?

    • Headsets will not be provided. Standard headsets used on other computers and smartphones will also work with these mobile computers.

    Will I be able to connect an external mouse and keyboard?

    • You can connect a USB Mouse and USB Keyboard but it may require additional adapters. It may require use of the multi-port connector hub (Kenectinator).
    • Learning how the pen can be used like a mouse may eliminate the need for an external mouse altogether.

    Will I be able to use two monitors?

    • Yes, you will be able to connect two external monitors but will need to make additional purchases to make this happen. 

    What if I have vision issues and need a specific monitor?

    • You can continue to use your current monitor set up for the short term. You should be able to use any specific monitors you currently use as long as the monitor is compatible with the new device. After receiving your mobile computer compatibility can be evaluated.

    Can I enhance my mobile computer with my school logo?

    • The mobile computers are district property and need to be returned in the same condition as they were received. Temporary or clip-on embellishments that are completely removable are allowed. They need to be kept in the best shape possible to maximize their life and efficiency.

    Classroom Use

    How will the mobile computer connect to my projector?

    • The new projectors have two HDMI inputs. One input is used by your document camera.
    • The other can be used by a HDMI cable that would need to be connected to the mobile computer.
    • Connect your mobile computer through the Kenectinator to the projector using the HDMI cable and search for HDMI the same way as searching for the document camera and MMTS computer.

    How do I play my DVDs or CDs?

    • You will need to connect a USB CD/DVD drive to the mobile computer through the Kenectinator.
    Can I lock my computer in the room?
    • You should follow your school policy for locking any personal/ theft sensitive items in your classroom.
    • Certificated staff need to charge the mobile computers each night.

    What will my substitute use if I am out with my mobile computer?

    • They will use the Multimedia Teacher Station (MMTS) which will still be in every classroom.


    When will I be trained?

    • There will be an initial training session when the mobile computers are distributed to staff with follow up sessions offered throughout the year at various times, in various locations, and in various mediums.

    What are some of the essentials I will need to understand or complete before being able to fully explore use of my new mobile computer?

    • Upon receiving the new computer, staff will need to log in from work, within the district network before the computer can be used outside the network.
    • Resetting the password during the initial training will assure 90 days without worrying about updates.
    • Staff will need to install a printer on the mobile computer following the same process as on your current computer.

    Are there online resources available for learning to use the mobile computer?

    • Yes. We have Atomic Learning which has and abundance of titles covering Windows 10 and the software included with the mobile computer. There is also an incredible amount of resources available on Microsoft Education, YouTube, and other public venues for staff to access whenever they desire.

    Troubleshooting and Repairs

    Where do I find AAAA batteries for the pen?

    • There will be a list of approved vendors when the mobile computers are deployed in August.

    Who buys the batteries for the pen?

    • As with past technology consumables, the school is responsible for this cost. Bond and levy dollars cannot be used to purchase replacement parts and consumables.

    Policies and Procedures

    Can I take my mobile computer home?

    • Certificated staff can not only take the mobile computer home; it is encouraged. That is the best place to charge it every night and this flexibility will allow the teacher to become more familiar with the computer, thus giving them the skills to develop a technology-transformed learning environment for students.

    What will happen if it is lost or stolen?

    • District procedures for lost and stolen property are provided in the Business Manual. Please report immediately. There are tracking options that can be activated to attempt to recover if the loss is reported quickly.

    What if I break it?

    • Staff will need to report damage to your principal and then the school will follow standard procedures for determining who pays for repair.

    Can my family members use it?

    • No, this is district property and is only for district personnel use.

    Can I have my students use it?

    • It is not advisable to allow students unsupervised use of a teacher device. Within the flow of instruction as a group, there may be instances where students are demonstrating to the class. Staff are asked to take precautions to ensure that sensitive student information is not accessible to students.

    What if I forget my computer?

    • You will need to use the MMTS for the day.

    Will I be filtered at home like I am at work?

    • There will not be any filtering once staff mobile computers leave the district network. As the district moves forward with the 1:1 initiative, filtering will be on at all times for students.


    What if I don't have Wi-Fi at home?

    • You can still use the mobile computer. There are plenty of hotspots around the community that have free Wi-Fi.
    What will instructional paraprofessionals and non-certificated staff have as a computer?
    • Desktop computers were issued to classified staff this past year including instructional paraprofessionals, office and maintenance.