• Teacher Principal Evaluation Project

    The Teacher Principal Evaluation Project (TPEP) is Washington state's evaluation process for teachers and principals.

    The state legislature established eight criteria as measures for evaluating all teachers in the 295 districts in the state of Washington.  The Washington State eight criteria are the same in every district in the state.  Everett Public Schools uses the Danielson Framework to provide the descriptors for the eight criteria.

    New hires to Everett Public Schools are required to attend professional development that focuses on the components of the teacher evaluation process.  The TPEP evaluation process is divided into four sessions and each session is offered twice in the same day to accommodate those teachers choosing to attend during the school day or those choosing to attend after school hours with compensation.  In addition, the sessions are leveled to customize the information for secondary or elementary teachers.

    2019-2020 TPEP Session Calendar

    Session One:  Overview of the TPEP process

    • Identify examples of practice that illustrate the domains and components of the framework for teaching​
    • Explore the domains and components of the Framework for Teaching​
    • Understand the structure and the language of the Framework for Teaching and the relationship to the State 8 Criteria for teaching​
    • Identify the essential characteristics of each of the Framework’s levels of performance
    • Understand Everett’s evaluation cycle
    Session Two:  Domains 1, Domain 2, Pre-Conference, and Goal Setting
    • Demonstrate understanding of the components of Domain 1
    • Identify components of Domain 1 in a pre-conference context
    • Identify attributes of Domain 2
    • Analyze student growth goals
    Session Three:  Domains 3 and Post-Conference.   
    • Demonstrate understanding of the components of Domain 3
    • Identify evidence of components of Domain 3 in the context of an observation lesson
    • Demonstrate understanding of the role of the post-conference meeting in the evaluation cycle​
    Session Four:  Common Themes, Sicky Components, & Summative Scoring
    • Sticky Components: differentiate between similar components​
    • Common Themes: apply the common themes to levels of performance​
    • Summative Scoring: understanding how a score is determined​
    • Summative conference