Workforce Education Investment Act

    The Workforce Education Investment Act created a new financial aid program, called Washington College Grant, to tear down financial barriers for today’s students!!

    Starting fall 2020, a family of four making $50,500 or less will receive a full financial aid award — enough to fully cover the cost of tuition at any Washington public college or university. The financial aid extends to families who earn all the way up to the state’s median family income, which is now about $92,000; as family incomes go up, award levels go down.  Overall, it makes college more accessible to more than 110,000 students a year.

    The grant program will be fully funded, which means no more waitlists. Eligible students are guaranteed financial aid even if they wait until later in the year to fill out their financial aid applications.  

    Another benefit: The Washington College grant is “first in.”  Students can still get other types of financial aid, like the federal Pell Grant (free money), without a reduction in their state financial aid award. This creates a higher combined amount, allowing students to cover other living expenses — like child care, transportation, utilities and rent — which is just as important to their success as paying the tuition bill. 




    College Scholarships

    Exciting scholarship news...

    Everett School District has linked up many local scholarship applications via each student's Naviance account. 

    #1: Look at the options within Naviance

    #2: Come visit the Career Center to find out more about available scholarships



    (A site every student in Washington should utilize!!)

    The Washington Scholarship Coalition has launched theWashBoard.org to make it easier for Washington students to efficiently find and apply for relevant scholarships. Free of cost for both students AND providers, theWashBoard.org matches scholarship seekers with scholarship providers.

    Designed to be a one-stop-site, theWashBoard.org is a free, student-centered, online clearinghouse for Washington students seeking college scholarships. This user-friendly site allows students to search and apply for verified scholarships that are specific to their academic interests, college or university, or other criteria. And it is advertising and spam-free.


    Scholarship Websites

    www.fastweb.com www.scholarships.com 

    www.questbridge.org    www.zinch.com

    Scholarships for African American Students:

    http://www.scholarshipworkshop.com/minority-student-scholarships.html, http://blackstudents.blacknews.com/



    Scholarships for minority students:




    Latino College Dollars- scholarships for Latino students:




    Scholarship advice - How to get college scholarships:




    The College Toolbox:



    Tips to finding scholarships...

    • Start now!!! Take the time to fill out the applications. Answer all questions asked. Type answers or write VERY nicely. Double check your work.
    • Attend the District Financial Aid Night or High School & Beyond Events to learn more.
    • Check the Counseling Center Webpage, log onto https://www.everettsd.org/domain/1464 or visit the Career Center to pick up available applications.
    • Never pay any money to get a scholarship or to attend a Financial Aid presentation - you shouldn't have to pay money to get money
    • Turn in scholarship applications BEFORE the due date
    • Ask your parent/guardian's work, your bank, your workplace, etc. if there are any scholarships available through their corporations
    • Complete the FAFSA as soon as, and as close to, October 1